Meeting with the author Maïa Alonso,

Meeting with the author Maïa Alonso, passing through the Château de Besmaux.For decades, Maïa Alonso has carried her emotions, her memories, through her writings. Her latest book has just been released by Cocagne editions in December 2022 “De sable et de vent”, where she describes the story of Nartaïr, a small grain of sand, which … Read more

Alicia Vallina. Interview with the author of Hija del mar

Alicia Vallina | Photography: Facebook profile Alice Valline he knew what he was writing about when in April 2021 he published his first novel entitled daughter of the sea. And it is that she was technical director of the Naval Museum of San Fernando-Cádiz and she has also written many articles in national and international … Read more

“Today, claiming to be part of a food movement is a political position” (Louise Laclautre, author of “Food Spirituality”)

(ETX Daily Up) – True way of life for some, political struggle or simple psychological comfort, for others, our relationship to food says a lot about our times. In her book “Food spirituality, Detox juice brands or the myth of self-elevation”, Louise Laclautre tells how we went from the discourse of thinness at all costs … Read more

This author tells how he got out of heroin addiction thanks to the 12 step program

You cannot view this content because you have refused the cookies associated with content from third parties. If you would like to view this content, you can change your choices. HEALTH – To overcome an addiction, there are several possibilities, cures, or consultations with psychologists and addictologists among others. For Julien Gangnet, what particularly helped … Read more

MYSTICAL OF THE FUTURE – The true story of Jacopone da Todi”, author Claudio Peri, Publisher Fabrizio Fabbri

In this Christmas 2022 strenna book, mysticism is defined as the expulsion from the heart of all the cravings of the self, selfishness, egocentrism, egolatry, to replace them with the love of God and neighbor. Todi, 18 November 2022 BOOK PRESENTATIONMYSTICAL OF THE FUTURE – The true story of Jacopone da Todi, Publisher Fabrizio Fabbri … Read more

“A Transforming Mission to Fulfill” the book by Rocco Gumina which investigates the link between Catholics and politics. We talk about this with the author

A tool to reflect and stimulate the commitment of Christians. This is the underlying engine that animates “A transforming mission to accomplish. Perspectives on the contribution of Catholics to society”, the new book by Rocco Gumina, published by Paruzzo Editore. Professor of Religion in the state schools of the diocese of Palermo, a Masters in … Read more

Joe Dispenza: the author who teaches how to create healthier habits

Joe Dispenza Quote Joe Dispenza is an American doctor of chiropractic, international speaker, and writer. He is known for having traveled to more than 33 countries to teach how to create healthier habits. These insights are conveyed through his interpretations of major discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics. The writer has also become popular … Read more

MICHAEL FEENEY CALLAN | Interview with the author of Robert Redford’s biography

On September 7, Michael Feeney Callan obtained at the Deauville Festival the Lucien Barrière Literary Prize which crowns his fascinating biography of Robert Redford, published in 2011, but translated into French only this year and published on May 17 by Editions The trace. Robert Redford: biography, this 750-page book is the reference work on one … Read more

Theresa Old. Interview with the author of The girl who wanted to know everything

Photography: Teresa Viejo. Courtesy of Communication Ingenuity. A Theresa Old She is well known for her professional career as journalistbut it is also writer vocational. She uses her time between radio, television, the relationship with her readers and more workshops and talks. In addition, she is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and the Foundation for … Read more

Amazon Mexico books: who is the most read author today

There have been several titles that experts have named as “best selling books in history” as The Bible either Don Quijote of La Manchahowever, the book has been created for several centuries and there were not always ways to measure which were the most popular works –like now amazon does– coupled with the level of … Read more