Joe Dispenza: the author who teaches how to create healthier habits

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Joe Dispenza is an American doctor of chiropractic, international speaker, and writer. He is known for having traveled to more than 33 countries to teach how to create healthier habits. These insights are conveyed through his interpretations of major discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics.

The writer has also become popular for having appeared in the documentary So, what do you know?, premiered in 2004. In addition, he wrote Stop being you Y The placebo is you reference works on self-help and personal development issues. His own life is a benchmark of miracles, because he walked again despite the fact that traditional medicine predicted otherwise.

Most popular books by Joe Dispenza

Evolve Your Brain (2007) — develop your brain

This thesis explains the science of changing the human mind to obtain beneficial results for health and life. Joe Dispenza has studied for years how the human brain works: how it processes information and why it repeats patterns of thought and behavior from one generation to the next. The book presents a series of steps and explanations who intend to help to discern how to find concentration.

Likewise, the author exposes how thoughts create chemical reactions that cause harmful behavior and sensations. These symptoms include bad habits and unhappiness. Dispenza seeks to help the reader break these bad practices, and reprogram their minds to develop creative and positive cognitive models.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (2012) — stop being you

According to the doctor Dispense, the mind is powerful, and learning how to control it is the key to success. Also, affirms that this training produces improvements in physical health, mental and spiritual. The renowned scientist intends that the reader can develop the potential of his brain, to achieve a greater state of satisfaction.

Joe Dispenza delves into topics such as quantum physics, genetics, neuroscience, and biology to teach how to program the brain and broaden the focus of individual and collective reality. The result of this work is a practical method to create prosperity and abundanceas well as a journey to a new state of consciousness.

body-parts (2013) — Body parts

East is an audiobook that serves as a meditation to put into practice all the exercises learned in the best-selling book stop being you. Through this work, Dispenza offers a methodology that serves to climb one more step in the discovery of how to create a new reality.

Using simple words and direct language, the doctor is able to explain that science and spirituality are not limited to each other. Well, thanks to both experiences, together, it is easier to achieve greater benefits. Likewise, Dispenza affirms that it is possible to modify biology in the future.

water rising (2013) — the water rising

At one hour in length, this self-development audiobook is specially designed to aid in the meditation process. Its purpose is for listeners to achieve the greatest possible concentration and unlock the potential that everyone carries within. As usual, author Joe Dispenza seeks the listener to improve their physical health from the inside out, through science and spirituality.

The use of the power of the mind to enhance health in general is something very recurrent in Dispenza’s books. Consequently, these audible guided meditations are part of a collection that complements the physical books.

You Are The Placebo (2014) – The placebo is you

The thesis of this work reflects a recurring thought of the author: that the mind is powerful and is capable of transforming the real world of an individual. Thought can influence matter and emotions. Dispenza states that, through this book, the reader can reach his highest potential, as well as gain greater confidence in himself and in his abilities.

The work offers several interesting examples of how to use the so-called science of transformation to exercise the creative capacity of the body. The author’s idea is to make the reader see that he can stop depending on the placebo effect implanted by society, without extreme positivism or false optimism that, in the end, do not lead to a realistic approach.

coming supernatural (2018) — Supernatural

The subtitle of this book is: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. in the work, the author offers tools to get out of physical reality, as well as to enter a quantum field of higher possibilities. The thousands of students who attend Dispenza lectures are subjected to rigorous scientific tests. These tests include: blood monitoring, heart tests, and brain scans.

The text combines ancient wisdom and the latest science. The author assures that everyone can change the environment through the power of thought, not only to recover health, but also to improve the way in which life is conceived and enjoyed. The writer also explains that the human being has the ability to connect with a world outside of the material.

About the author, Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza was born in 1962, in the United States. He enrolled at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where he decided to study biochemistry, but without finishing his degree. Weather then enrolled at The Evergreen State College Lite University, where he completed a university baccalaureate in chiropractic sciences. Dispenza was also a teacher at the Ramtha School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

His involvement as a teacher at Ramtha left him with the impression and conviction that science and spiritual practices can work together. In 1997 he began to hold conferences to share his knowledge around the world. Dr. Joe Dispenza also works as a chiropractor at his clinic in Olympia, Washington, where he offers consultations.

There is a curious fact related to this author and his strong belief in associating science and spirituality. The author maintains that, years ago, he suffered an injury to several vertebrae that left his legs immobile. Dispense it states that he recovered of this fact without resort to none surgery. The writer attributes his miracle to concentrated and positive mental processes.

Other works by Joe Dispenza

  • Tuning in to New Potentials (2014) — Synthesizing with new potentials;
  • Blessing of the Energy Centers (2012) — Blessing of the energy centers;
  • Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind (2014) – Reconditioning of the body to a new mind;
  • Kendiniz Olma Alışkanlığını Kırmak (2014);
  • Morning and Evening Meditations (2015) — Morning and evening meditations.

Joe Dispenza: the author who teaches how to create healthier habits