The End of 1899 Made a Star Hit Her Husband When She Read It | Pretty Reel

The ending of Netflix’s 1899 mystery-thriller series caused one of the show’s stars to wake up her husband after reading the script. Yuk Je actress Gabby Wong reveals her hilarious reaction to finding out the end of Netflix’s hit series 1899. The mystery thriller series took the world by storm upon its premiere, receiving praise … Read more

Christmas 2022: Which comic(s) to offer, read, or have people read?

“The Last Queen” by Jean-Marc Rochette (Casterman): a love story in the Vercors After Ailefroide and The wolf, Jean-Marc Rochette closes his mountain trilogy with this story of broken faces from 1914. His hero, Édouard Roux, the aptly named (given his red hair) finds refuge in Jeanne Sauvage’s studio. This animal sculptor gives him a … Read more

Branko weekly horoscope from 21 to 28 November 2022: have you read today’s detailed forecasts


ARIES Today offers you a great opportunity to communicate with maturity and firmness. There is great wisdom in being exactly who you are, and your example can be helpful to many. Consideration of the limits that must be established in group and friendship relationships, but in a harmonious way. Make your point of view clear … Read more

Books to read in November and December 2022, the news


TOto dig behind and around great visionaries such as Stanley Kubrick or Pierpaolo Pasolini. Discovering European thinkers too often overlooked. But also keep your breath away with two thrilling thrillers like “Where the wolf hides” and “The evil that men do”. Here are 8 handpicked books to enjoy in November and December 2022. the books … Read more

What does Moria Casán read to train his karate language


Moria Casán, one of the great divas of Argentina, in the Infobae studio. (Frank Fafasuli) There are many skillful declarers in the Argentina: in the artistic world, in politics, in sports. There are, in the universe of these clever witnesses, some tongues sharper than others. As if putting together a podium of who are better … Read more

Read or reread: “The choice. Exile or the development of Africa »

By definition, the choice is the action of choosing something, someone, of taking it in preference to others; result of this action: the choice of a profession, of a collaborator. Power, possibility to choose (especially with leave, have, give): I leave you the choice of the time of our meeting », says the Larousse French … Read more

I read what I like. The last week of October of the Club of Readers


Turin – The last week of October at Circle of readers begins with novels: with Turin and his night crossing in the novel by Andrea Canobbio; with End of seasona football and adventure novel by Lorenzo Morettowith Whale, memoir debut of Giulia Muscatelli. Turin – Philosophy is the thread of numerous events: the last of … Read more

Read or reread: anthology in tribute to the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou


Increasingly, some want to break with the culture of posthumous tributes because, according to them, ” it is alive that we must love each other!”. With the same enthusiasm and all fascinated by the writings as well as the personality of the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou, thirty-five authors from Congo and elsewhere have set out … Read more

Drink, learn, read the Bible and pay the Church: because ‘The vine and the branches’ makes people talk about themselves


A cycle of events that brings together passages from the Gospels and psalms with Pinot, Champagne and Barolo. For a fee. There are those who get excited and those who have doubts The glass and “take it and drink it all”: so far it was understood differently (Shutterstock) When he passed the bread and wine … Read more