Demos una oportunidad a la paz. Carta abierta a Robert Kennedy Jr.

Europa por la Paz escribe una carta a Robert Kennedy Jr. en relación a sus últimos discursos. Querido Robert, Te escribimos para transmitirte el saludo, el agradecimiento y el apoyo de los activistas y simpatizantes de la campaña Europa por la Paz. Hemos seguido muy de cerca tus recientes discursos con motivo de tu candidatura … Read more

Premio Robert Bresson

Il Premio Robert Bresson è il riconoscimento della Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, a partire dal 2000, “al regista che abbia dato una testimonianza, significativa per sincerità e intensità, del difficile cammino alla ricerca del significato spirituale della nostra vita”, con il patrocinio del Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura e del Dicastero per la Comunicazione della Santa Sede. … Read more

On music, noise and silence in the cinema of Robert Bresson

On music, noise and silence in the cinema of Robert Bresson-The secrets of a great director. How does the believing filmmaker approach the seventh art? Here you can listen to the conversation we had with Marcos Azzam Gómez… go download Readers and friends of Cinema and Freedom! The editorial amarante tells us about his The … Read more

Robert Bresson and pure cinema

Maybe Robert Breson, like the Jansenist that he was, be the most unorthodox of all the filmmakers brought up in these articles. Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo —one of the great scholars of Catholic orthodoxy, the history of ideas, literature in Spanish, the interpretation of aesthetics and other important knowledge— includes the Jansenists in his History of … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. reveals what he misses the most about the MCU | Pretty Reel

Robert Downey Jr. reveals what he misses most about being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise he helped launch. Robert Downey Jr. reveals what he misses most about being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Downey Jr. starred in the first MCU installment, the 2008 film Iron Man, and went on … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. Gave Ironheart Actress His Blessing On Black Panther 2

Dominique Thorne caused a stir after her first appearance as Riri Williams aka Ironheart in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the latest hero can come with a lot of pressure, but luckily for Thorne, she had two senior Avengers on hand to give her some much-needed advice. Ironheart, in the … Read more

Robert Smithson. Rome is still falling

site: MACRO Rome (Rome). In 1961, at the age of twenty-three, Robert Smithson (1938-1973) arrived in Rome for a solo exhibition of religious-themed works at the George Lester gallery.While in Rome, the artist has the opportunity to delve into the history of the West, especially what he describes as “Byzantine art”, the ideas of archetype, … Read more

Ironheart: this valuable advice that Robert Downey Jr gave to the interpreter of the character

Whether Robert Downey Jr. no longer took on the role ofIron Man from Avengers: Endgamehe did not forget the mcu however, and does not hesitate to advise newcomers, like the interpreter ofiron heart ! The introduction of a key character for the MCU sequel For almost a week, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is available at … Read more

Robert Jacquot : « Tout miser sur le cerveau est une faute, une méconnaissance de la nature humaine »

Par Marc Alpozzo, philosophe et essayiste Nous vivons une époque de transition, entamant à la fois un nouveau siècle mais aussi un nouveau millénaire, les bouleversements nombreux, commencent déjà à se faire ressentir, et beaucoup se plaignent du chaos qui règne. De nombreux dangers nous attendent, des défis immenses, le défi climatique, la guerre à … Read more