‘Avatar: the sense of water’, a new exploration of Pandora

Avatar: The Water Senseby James Cameron is now available on Disney+. Much of the film’s plot, which includes a more detailed exploration of Pandora than the original, takes place on the reef of the Metkayina clan, on the eastern coast of the territory. A plot twist that allows a new vision of the planet, its … Read more

Bolivia prepares to celebrate the Andean New Year 5531 in the post

An indigenous woman, during the Andean New Year celebration in 2021 (Radoslaw CZAJKOWSKI | EUROPA PRESS) Native music, invocations in Aymara and an ancestral ritual marked the launch in La Paz of the Andean New Year 5531 celebration, whose epicenter will be in the pre-Hispanic citadel of Tiahuanaco, which is preparing for the celebration in … Read more

Libros de Amazon México: estos son los títulos más populares

Amazon se ha convertido en un gran aliado de los lectores mexicanos a la hora de elegir libros. (Infobae/Jovani Pérez) Han sido varios los títulos que expertos han nombrado como “los libros más vendidos en la historia”, como La Biblia o Don Quijote de la Mancha, sin embargo, el libro lleva varios siglos de haber … Read more

These 12 New Switch Games Are Very Original and You’d Do Well Not Skip Them

In the eShop of nintendoswitch We can find many jewels that are constantly coming to the hybrid, taking advantage of the fact that it is an ideal platform to enjoy this type of most innovative, fresh and original proposals. There are many, so it is normal not to control all the releases and miss out … Read more

Fernán Quirós, en La entrevista informal: “Cristina Kirchner y Javier Milei tienen puntos en común”

La Entrevista Informal – Fernán Quirós El ministro de Salud y precandidato a jefe de gobierno porteño, Fernán Quirós, llegó puntual para grabar. Habían pasado pocos minutos de estar frente a las cámaras de un canal de televisión y ya estaba listo para participar de La Entrevista Informal, el ciclo de Infobae que busca conectar … Read more

The mystery of Caravaggio, in a premiere of the Ballet del Colón

This Sunday, May 28, the Teatro Colón Ballet, directed by Mario Galizzi, will stage the play caravaggio a creation of Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, who originally premiered it in Berlin in 2008. In 2022 Bigonzetti had mounted with the Contemporary Ballet of the Teatro San Martín his Cantataa very beautiful and extremely festive work inspired … Read more

120 years after the birth of Jaime Galté

By Sergio Salinas Canas In Jaime Galté Carré there are three broad lines of development: ethics, concerned with the set of norms that dignify human behavior; the philosophical, not to philosophize but for the validity of fundamental principles and values; and initiation, as a spiritual experience of change from one stage of life to another, … Read more

The “Luis de Trelles Memorial” is canceled due to lack of registrations

Tomb of Luis de Trelles in the Cathedral of Zamora The low number of registrations has forced the Luis de Trelles Foundation to cancel the “Luis de Trelles Memorial” that was scheduled to be held this weekend, on May 13 and 14, in Salamanca and Zamora. From the Foundation they have decided to postpone the … Read more

Richard Malka, lawyer for ‘Charlie Hebdo’ threatened with death: “We have the right to fear Islam”

And what if freedom of expression did not draw an ascending line in time, but rather a parenthesis? Specifically, one that opens in the 70s of the last century and closes today. That is what someone who has all the experience and legitimacy to talk about the subject raises: Richard Malka, the lawyer from the … Read more