INTERVIEW Mehdi Djaadi talks about his denominational coming

Comedian and comedian, Mehdi Djaadi likes to tackle themes that call for tolerance. Nominated for the Molières 2023, it has been a full house for two years. He will be at the Olympia, in Paris, on June 16, with his only performance, Coming out. At peace with himself, Mehdi Djaadi opens up and gains height. … Read more

Fratoun, singer of Les Guetteurs: “Now let’s talk about Christ! »

The group “Les Guetteurs” was created almost fifteen years ago. Where do you find the motivation to continue? We draw on the love of Christ and the love of music! We like that. After the confinement we felt the need to relaunch ourselves in a real group album. During the confinement we had released an … Read more

Can a Christian celebrate Mother’s Day? – Protestant looks

A troublesome past I know very well that this holiday has nothing to do with Christianity. It dates from 1906 and was reactivated by the Vichy regime to exalt the mothers of large families, pillars of the Nation. But, despite this heavy past, if this celebration continues, it is because it corresponds to a deep … Read more

VIDEO. Documentary “Terre de femmes”: diving into a universe where life is built without men

In Occitania, at the foot of the Pyrenees, there is a land of refuge for women, on the hillside, in the middle of the woods, on the fringes of society where life is built without men. A place of collective and feminist transformation where a few cabins are built, to experience a new way of … Read more

Divine corruption: Religious leaders are no exception in Haiti

In Haiti, a country where religion plays a central role in the daily lives of many people, it is unfortunate to see that even religious leaders are no exception when it comes to corruption. While faith and spirituality should be sources of inspiration and moral guidance, some men of God have been involved in corruption … Read more

National day of fasting and prayers: In Dédougou, we prayed that the weapons would be silent forever

The customary and religious people of the city of Dédougou, capital of the Boucle du Mouhoun region, responded to the call of the highest authorities, inviting actions of prayer and fasting for the return of peace to the Burkina Faso, this Saturday, May 20, 2023. They met in the governorate of Dédougou to break the … Read more

Unis TV’s “We are there” series: making different young models shine

Young people who fully assume their difference and who are free are showcased in the series We got therewhich lands on Unis TV this Friday. Carried by animators Vanessa Duchel, Jordan Dupuis and Anne-Lovely Étienne, the 10 episodes offer models to young people (and not so young), in order to encourage them to embrace their … Read more