INTERVIEW Mehdi Djaadi talks about his denominational coming

Comedian and comedian, Mehdi Djaadi likes to tackle themes that call for tolerance. Nominated for the Molières 2023, it has been a full house for two years. He will be at the Olympia, in Paris, on June 16, with his only performance, Coming out. At peace with himself, Mehdi Djaadi opens up and gains height. … Read more

Interview with Muriel Parra, Chilean costume designer with a long history and part of “Sayen”

A few weeks ago we were invited to witness the press function of sayen, the first film in a Chilean trilogy produced by Fábula, by the Larraín brothers that can be seen on Prime Video. The story follows the first Mapuche action heroine, played by rallen montenegroin a story full of intrigue, action and other … Read more

Franco Battiato, the rediscovered interview: love, wars and spirituality

In an old damask jacket I find papers written in blue ink. It’s about a dialogue with Franco Battiato that dates back to twenty years ago. In this unpublished interview we talk about love, wars and spirituality. I think how much we miss his voice, his truth, his way. Rereading that dialogue moves me and … Read more

Kate Winslet stops an interview suddenly: “Don’t worry, you can ask me what you want”

In 2022 many well-known names from the world of entertainment passed away, in Italy and in the rest of the world. However, as often and unwillingly happens, the deaths of these artists were treated with absolute indifference compared to others. In order not to forget them, we have chosen the 5 artists who left us … Read more

Interview | Cristina Potters, or how to extol the treasure of simple things

Rita Girones Passion and heart rule here. A Mexican citizen for 20 years, by right and conviction, Cristina was born in Chicago, but she has now lived in Mexico for 41 years. Her extraordinary charm for recounting experiences, dishes and artisan hands, makes her a natural anthropologist. She has been publishing a weekly report on … Read more

Arriving on December 2 “Colpo di genio”, the film made to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital. INTERVIEW with director Romeo Azzali

After the great success of La Spétnèda, last year’s film, freely inspired by the story of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Scapigliata”, the famous painting on wood kept in the National Gallery of Parma will be screened on Friday 2 December at 20.30 at The Space Cinema Parma Centre, “Colpo di Genio” the latest work by Romeo … Read more

Klein exhibition: “His life and his work are marked by a quest for spirituality”. Interview with the curator | Knowledge of the Arts

By taking the intimate as a common thread, this new exhibition on Yves Klein offers an unprecedented reading of his work, demonstrating at the same time how much his private life was also the driving force of his aesthetic commitments. Interview with Cecilia Braschi, curator of the exhibition. Until March 26, 2023, the Hôtel de … Read more

“People and other creatures: Jaan Toomik”: interview with Raffaele Quattrone

The staff of Jaan Toomikat the Artra Gallerywith the curatorship of Raphael Quattrone it was one of the most interesting one-man shows in the gallery this season. Central to the artist’s research is the metaphysical and shamanic vision of the world. His work, mostly poetic and autobiographical, focuses on eternal themes such as: religion and … Read more