African culture: events in October 2022

In Yaoundé, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, London, Saint-Étienne, Lahou-Kpanda, Gennevilliers, Hamburg, Pittsburgh, Lyon or Ouagadougou, indoors or outdoors, here are eighteen meetings of African culture not to be missed. miss in this month of October. Don’t hesitate to send us your next “must-see” cultural events at From October 1 to 8, the Ecrans Noirs festival … Read more

Tivoli, beatification of Mons. Cognata: the cause moves from Tivoli to Rome

TIVOLI – Saturday 1 October, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in San Vittorino Romano, the diocesan phase of the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God Mons.Giuseppe Cognata (1885-1972), Founder of the Salesian Oblates, concluded of the Sacred Heart (SOSC). After the Eucharistic celebration in honor of Saint Teresa … Read more

“Praise of religion”: plea for an indispensable framework of faith


praise of religion by Paul Valadier Salvator, 200 pages, €18 The title of this new work by Paul Valadier is a bit provocative. How can we praise religion at a time when the various religious traditions are suspected of being the cause of violence? This sulphurous reputation spares none: “Crimes committed in the name of … Read more

“The Tartuffe Scandal”: Molière facing the devotees | LeMagduCine


Glénat editions publish the second volume of Moliere, entitled “The Tartuffe Scandal”. Vincent Delmas and Sergio Gerasi, screenwriter and designer respectively, recount the setbacks of the tutelary figure of the Comédie-Française, penniless, prey to threats from the clergy and more or less abandoned by his troupe and the King. On the occasion of the 400th … Read more

The Return of the Gods, an expo where the gods do everything you did not imagine


The Return of the Gods presents physical and digital pieces about the pre-Hispanic worldview and the possibilities of the metaverse. In the exhibition “The Return of the Gods” you will see the pre-Hispanic gods as you have never imagined them: with iPad in hand. Oh yes!, life changes so rapidly that even they had to … Read more

The work of Jean Labellie exhibited all over the village


The Artz association, with the complicity of Jeanne Labellie and with the association Les amis de Jean-Labellie, is devoting a temporary exhibition to the work of the painter Jean Labellie (1920 – 2021). Major exhibitions had made it possible to discover his work, “Itinéraires” at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan in 2001, “Jean Labellie, … Read more

Nature, art and yourself: holidays away from the world in abbeys and monasteries


Listen to the audio version of the article Only one person for the shooting, no artificial light or background music, no comments: it is under these conditions that twenty years ago the prior of the Grande Chartreuse opened the doors of the ancient Carthusian monastery in the Grenoble Alps to the director Philip Gröning to … Read more

Trial of a sect guru in Paris: the victims tell their ordeal under the eyes of the faithful


By Writing Ile de France Published on 3 Oct 22 at 19:22 News Paris See my news Follow this media First day of trial in Paris this Monday, October 3, 2022 for Élysée Ade, guru tried for abuse of weakness and sexual assault. (©AB / News Paris) This Monday, October 3, 2022 began at the … Read more