Diez planes para hacer en Sevilla en el puente del Corpus que no te puedes perder

El Corpus Christi es una de las fiestas más populares de Sevilla. El casco antiguo de la ciudad se engalana y abarrota para vivir uno de los actos religiosos más emblemáticos de la capital hispalense. Además de ver la procesión del Corpus Christi, este puente festivo puede aprovecharse para disfrutar de otros planes totalmente difertentes. … Read more

These podcasts top the list of the most popular on Spotify Uruguay

Founded in 2006, Spotify has a presence in 186 countries. (Infobae) Considered one of the most “intimate” digital formats, The podcasts have gained fame and have positioned themselves among the taste of the Uruguayan public following the arrival of streaming platforms in the new millennium, such as Spotify. Its boom was significant since the emergence … Read more

Descubre el top 3 de los libros más vendidos en Amazon México hoy

Luego de la pandemia de coronavirus que puso de cabeza al mundo entero, el sector del libro tembló ante el futuro incierto que tenía al frente, pues las novedades comenzaron a quedarse congeladas temiendo lo peor. Sin embargo, gracias a plataformas como la de Amazon el libro logró vencer la adversidad y, por el contrario, … Read more

Reveal hidden categories on Netflix | Atomix

The most popular and controversial streaming platform of the moment Netflix, continues to give what to talk about. And it is that, after the implementation of the measures to prevent people from continuing to share their account outside the home, the company is not seen with the best eyes. However, it seems that, at least … Read more

Joan of Arc, protagonist of the saints of May 30

In the vast history of humanity, there are figures who stand out for their courage, unwavering faith, and a determination that transcends conventional barriers. One of these figures is Saint Joan of Arc, known as the Maiden of Orleans. Her story is a testament to courage and devotion, and her legacy continues to inspire people … Read more

Austerity when living in a Palace?

For AMLO, only presidential privileges are valid… The achievements of the SCJN are millionaire wastes and an offense to the people * We Mexicans want to see a well-dressed and even elegant President, but his incongruity, lies and deceit disappoint MARCO ANTONIO FLORES *** President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused that the Supreme Court of … Read more

Gema recounts how, after a suicide attempt, she rediscovered spirituality

During his passage through the The Box Challenge 2023 , Gem was characterized by its way of dealing with each of the needs and problems that were generated in the City of Boxes, both in the competition and in the coexistence and lifestyle of the participants, since he made spirituality his banner and the motto … Read more

Nacho Cano, from his courtship with Penélope Cruz to his life in his shelter in Miami

Nacho Cano is, to his 60 years, one of the best-known faces of music in our country. Composer, record producer, stage director and businessman, he was part of the mythical pop musical group of the 90s ‘Mecano’ with his brother Jose Maria already the vocalist Ana Torroja, with whom today he has no relationship. Now, … Read more

Gem of The Box Challenge: we put ourselves in the shoes of the former participant

the step of Gem for him The Box Challenge left a big markboth for the participants and for the Colombians, in whom it generated love and hatred, but which taught them a lesson and a way of seeing life from gratitude and love, without ceasing to be human full of emotions that are necessary to … Read more