Documentary series “Le temps de…”: another look at eight political figures

Each has been mayor, regional or departmental councilor, president of a major community, deputy and/or senator. Today retired from political life, for the most part, they take an enlightened look at Guadeloupean society and its evolution. Guadeloupe La 1ère and Corpo Art’ have decided to dedicate a portrait to eight politicians, to evoke their childhood, … Read more

Business of political parties in the decline of “representative” Democracy

LATIN AMERICA SUSTAINING A DEMOCRACY WITHOUT ARRANGEMENT From the premise of dreaming of a Latin America far from amateurism where a solid leadership reigns, the Latin American and Caribbean Region idealizes, from civil society, a specific direction that stands out from the chaos that massive migration entails in search of better living standards. , as … Read more

The question of wearing the veil agitates the Turkish political class

It all started last October 3, when the leader of the opposition Kemal Kiliçdaroglu proposed to legislate to guarantee the right of women to wear the veil. He creates astonishment even within his own party. What has stung the boss of the CHP, a party which is moreover founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, father of … Read more

The day “Militant Spirituality and Political Charity” will address the political commitment of Catholics

The Christian Cultural Movement takes the lead in reflecting on the political commitment of Catholics in Spain today. And it does so, in this year of electoral processes, with a Conference on “Militant Spirituality and Political Charity”, which will be held on February 11 and 12 in the Assembly Hall of the Madrid parish of … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Upon completing 10 years of political prison, they demand the freedom of Machi Celestino Córdova / They also ask for the community members detained in Bariloche

Latin American Summary, January 4, 2023 Machi Celestino Córdova, January 3, 2023.- «For national and international public knowledge. For the original peoples of the world, the Mapuche people and all their expressions of resistance. We come to inform you of the following: To the After 10 years of political prison of our ancestral spiritual authority … Read more


LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE Appointment in Caserta tomorrow, Wednesday 21, in the Liccardo hall, with the Pro-Rector Cascetta, the president of the Magliocca Province, the councilor of the Court of Cassation Magi, the art director Magi, the teachers Tisci and Butzbach, the director of the Museum of Capua Solino, and the entrepreneur of Cagnazzo Tourism. … Read more

Ce. Fashion&Food 2023. Presentation of Silvio Parisi’s calendar at the Vanvitelli Department of Political Sciences

Article published on: 20/12/2022 22:38:39 This is the press release issued by the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli: “Professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and high-ranking food and wine, interprets this and much more “Matres et Coqui”, the 2023 edition of Salvio’s calendar Parisi, now in its tenth edition, in the wake of … Read more

“Matres et Coqui”, the director of Political Science among the snapshots of the calendar

Professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and high-ranking food and wine, interprets this and much more “Matres et Coqui”, the 2023 edition of Salvio Parisi’s calendar, now in its tenth edition, in the wake of philosophy Fashion&Food which, for some time, has highlighted the artistic riches of Terra di Lavoro and Campania, primarily … Read more

Political elections 2022, the program of Life | Extension

The match Life It is one of parties so-called “anti-system” which, after successfully overcoming the challenge of petitionmanaged to show up at the next ones political elections from Sunday 25 September 2022. It defines itself «a social and political community of conscious, aware and coherent human beings who have decided to stop delegating decisions concerning … Read more

Healthy food, a real political and spiritual position

True way of life for some, political fight or simple psychological comfort, for others, our relationship to food says a lot about our time. In his book Food spirituality, detox juice brands or the myth of self-elevatingLouise Laclautre tells how we went from the talk of thinness at all costs to that of absolute well-being … Read more