MYSTICAL OF THE FUTURE – The true story of Jacopone da Todi”, author Claudio Peri, Publisher Fabrizio Fabbri

In this Christmas 2022 strenna book, mysticism is defined as the expulsion from the heart of all the cravings of the self, selfishness, egocentrism, egolatry, to replace them with the love of God and neighbor.

Todi, 18 November 2022

MYSTICAL OF THE FUTURE – The true story of Jacopone da Todi, Publisher Fabrizio Fabbri of Perugia, 130 pages, 18 Euros – Author Claudio Peri

In this book, mysticism is defined as the expulsion from the heart of all the yearnings of the ego, selfishness, egocentrism, egolatry, to replace them with love of God and neighbor. In this sense, the qualification of mystic can be attributed to people of all religions as well as to people of great humanity, even agnostics or atheists «Mystics are not so much representatives of an institutionalized church, but rather anonymous apostles of love». Jacopone’s mysticism is concrete and very human, a model of mysticism and Christianity of the future.

It can be said that among the great mystics, Jacopone da Todi is probably the greatest poet and it can also be said that among the great poets he is probably the greatest mystic: hero of Christianity and genius of the word!


Prof. Claudio Peri, what is the status of your crusade against the detractors of Jacopone da Todi?

Answer: «Very encouraging I would say. It should be noted that Jacopone’s denigrators are essentially Italian academics and more clerical Catholics. I quote a significant fact: the prestigious American magazine JMRC (Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures) last September published an article documented by about 130 international bibliographic references, which demonstrates the inadequacy and often falsehood of the judgments expressed by Italian academics on Jacopone, completely neglecting the contributions of international research, in particular that in English and French.

Jacopone is known by many, as a name, but few know his true story, hidden and altered for at least 4 centuries by the hierarchies of the Counter-Reformation; What is proposed with this new book?

Answer: I intend above all to re-evaluate Jacopone’s spirituality and mysticism which, before being hidden by the repression of the Counter-Reformation, had been the inspiration and guide of great saints such as San Filippo Neri and Santa Caterina da Genova. After the Counter-Reformation, this great heritage of Christian culture was obscured and ignored for over 4 centuries. But this situation is rapidly evolving. At least five books on Jacopone’s mysticism have been published in the last 20 years: one in 2004 in English at Fordham University in New York, a second in French in 2013 by the Université Sorbonne in Paris, a third in English in 2019 by Franciscan Media in Cincinnati , a quarter in Italian in 2020 from Editrice Francescana in Milan and a fifth, this one from 2022, which proposes Jacopone as a Christian of the future. I don’t think that similar level of attention has been paid to other Christian or non-Christian mystics in the last 20 years.

Pthink that will be able to remove the obstacles of prejudice and ignorance that have accumulated on the memory of this extraordinary character?

Answer: I don’t know. Do you know the meaning of the term “scotosis”? It indicates a form of intellectual blindness, the stiffening of the mind, whereby thoughts that contradict what we believe are avoided. It’s truly impressive how we stay away from data that we don’t like. This disease has affected many of my fellow citizens: talking about Jacopone in Todi often activates this mechanism. I get stomach ache. In any case it will be what God wants: on this point I have no reservations.

NOTES by Claudio Peri for readers:

Let yourself be conquered by Jacopone!
Write to us, comment, suggest… We are interested in exchanging information and opinions on Jacopone’s themes: life, work, history, ethics, poetry, religion, spirituality… Whether you are religious of any religion or agnostics or atheists, write to us. Our door is always open and we like the debate as He did too…” (

Treat yourself for Christmas to my book entitled “MYSTIC OF THE FUTURE – the true story of Jacopone da Todi” by the publisher Fabrizio Fabbri, 130 pages, cost 18 Euros.
Read it and give it to your friends with a jacoponic dedication: “from Todi with love

“The mystic is the one who travels on the broadband of reality. What we lack today are not teachers of the inner life, but simply teachers of life, of an existence worth living” JT Mendonca is right and Jacopone da Todi is a great mystic because he is a great teacher of life. editorial staff
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MYSTICAL OF THE FUTURE – The true story of Jacopone da Todi”, author Claudio Peri, Publisher Fabrizio Fabbri