MerAteneo is back: here is the program for the spring session

The lessons will take place in the auditorium of the Municipality of Merate from 17 February to 12 May The history of Russia, Alessandro Manzoni and the archaeological sites of the province will be at the center of the MerAteneo spring session MERATE – The history, art and culture of modern Russia; the in-depth analysis … Read more

The ‘Literarte’ festival and activities on emotional health, in the 2023 library program

Service Libraries of the Government of Navarra is committed to a pSchedule of activities for the first quarter of 2023 in which he intersperses established cycles with novel proposals. The Library of Navarre will resume consolidated cycles such as ‘Spirituality’ or ‘Literary Conversations’; will host the ‘Literarte’ festival for the first time Y will honor … Read more

The electoral program of Sara Cunial’s Vita list for the 2022 general elections

at political elections 2022 the Vita list is also presented which is described by the founders themselves as a “new open and inclusive political and social community”. Life also calls itself one social and political community of conscious, aware and coherent human beings who have decided to stop delegating decisions affecting their LIFE and have … Read more

Metropolis dedicates a monographic program to the photographer Isabel Muñoz

metropolis dedicates a very special monograph to the artist Isabel Muñoz. Isabel Munoz He is one of the figures of Spanish photography. Born in Barcelona in 1951, she lives in Madrid, the city she moved to when she was twenty. To the National Photography Awardwhich he obtained in 2016, and both World Press Photojoined in … Read more

Saracena, the SaraInverno program for the Christmas holidays is rich

COSENZA – Also this year Confartigianato Imprese Calabria has launched the ComprArtigiano campaign: for Christmas gifts we buy local, we support the local economy, choosing gifts resulting from the work of master craftsmen. “Supporting artisan businesses by purchasing quality products and services especially at this time of year means supporting the individual stories and realities … Read more

MotoGp, Misano: a track with ten fearsome braking points. The program and where to see the race on TV

First it was Santamonica, then it became Misano World Circuit and for 11 years has been entitled to Marco Simoncelli: a jewel set in the Land of Motors, with curves – Sunset, Rio, Quercia, Carro – like verses of a poem at (almost) three hundred per hour. Built on an old airstrip from the First … Read more

Burgos brings together art, culture, magic, traditions and technology in its Christmas 2022 program

Art, culture, traditions and technology have a place in the 2022 Christmas program of the Burgos City Council, and turns the city into a “showcase”, with the “active” participation of local artistic creators (musicians, actors, sculptors, singers, dance groups…), who share the stage with other artists from abroad. This is how the Burgos City Council … Read more

I read what I like. The program of the Readers’ Circle from 21 to 26 November 2022

Turin – In the week of Readers Circlefrom the United States comes one of the great voices of American letters today: Jonathan Lethem. at Galleries of ItalyWednesday 23, Lethem brings a lesson on the feelings of America today, starting from the photographs of Eveningsidethe Gregory Credwson exhibition underway in the new space dedicated to photography … Read more

Aversa, feast of Maria SS. of the free: the program of the celebrations | TV contrast

Posted on August 21, 2022August 21, 2022 Aversa- Diocese of Aversa parish of S. Maria la Nova in honour of Maria SS. of the free Patroness of the village of Aversa. SOLEMN CELEBRATIONS PROGRAMME: Sunday 28 August-enthronement and start of the festivities 07.30 Holy Mass (church of S. Marco) 08.30 Holy Mass (Parish) … Read more