Meeting with Rockin’ Squat: “I am both Master and Apprentice”

Squat, Rockin’ Squat or RCKNSQT are the pseudonyms of Mathias Cassel, precursor of Hip-Hop in France. A prolific tagger, he is then on radio Nova for anthology freestyles alongside the NTM. Then he created the group Assassin with Solo and DJ Clyde. 40 years later, he is still there and is releasing a new album. … Read more

Meeting with the author Maïa Alonso,

Meeting with the author Maïa Alonso, passing through the Château de Besmaux.For decades, Maïa Alonso has carried her emotions, her memories, through her writings. Her latest book has just been released by Cocagne editions in December 2022 “De sable et de vent”, where she describes the story of Nartaïr, a small grain of sand, which … Read more

Fabio Donato: «I photographed Eduardo De Filippo and his son Luca and it was a meeting of loneliness»

the interview NoonDecember 24, 2022 – 08:42 De Filippo’s still photographer, author of extraordinary shots also of Lucio Amelio and Andy Warhol, today teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples: «I have 300,000 photographs in my archive» Of Ida Palisi «My whole life is based on experimentation in a global sense: not photographic … Read more

Tarragona will host the XV National Meeting of Divine Mercy

The city of Tarragona will host, on October 14 and 15, 2023, the XV National Encounter of Divine Mercy The Archbishop of the diocese, Mr. Joan Planellas Barnosell, welcomed the celebration this morning and showed his full support and adherence to the celebration of this meeting. As every year, the different diocesan groups of the … Read more

Meeting with Master Sri Akarshana, the “Yogi with a Lamborghini”

Master Sri Akarshana, better known as “Yogi with a Lamborghini”, is an entrepreneur turned personal development coach. His audience amounts to 35 million people worldwide on his social networks and during his live performances. Real name Eric Ho, the Dubai resident who grew up in the UK credits his father with helping him develop his … Read more

Building a future based on cooperation: a meeting on the topic at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See

Discuss what are the concrete and viable ways to restore space for dialogue, then ask yourself how to build a new and more just system of international relations. Times are complex, the threat is serious, the effort must be, to use the words of Robert Schuman, “creative”. Within these objectives, the meeting “Europe and war: … Read more

“The Camaldolese in Fratta and in the upper Tiber valley: places, men, spirituality”: the first meeting took place

On 6 December 2022, the course of the University of the Third Age of Umbertide began, promoted in collaboration with the Municipality and the Ethically as part of the initiatives aimed at disseminating the Camaldolese Way of San Benedetto which leads from the Abbey of Montecorona to the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana in the Marche … Read more

Euripides today: meeting with Alessandra Fallucchi, staged in Rome

From 9 to 18 December at Rainbow Theater of Rome, Stable Center of the Classical, tragedy returns to illuminate our contemporaneity, we talk about it with Alessandra Fallucchione of the protagonists together with Andrea Tidona, Roberto Turchetta, Carolina Vecchia. And with Lorenza Molina, Carlotta De Cesaris, Elisa Galasso, Chiara Scià. With the participation of Paul … Read more