Farewell to Pope Ratzinger. The man of the monastery and the link with Ciociaria

“Where is God? What is he like and what does he want?”. The path that a “man”, like Pope Benedict, took and had done to arrive almost rationally at the love of God, starts from the base. “God is love” embodies the centrality of eight years of pontificate, it is the key to understanding the … Read more

Who is Eric Coelho, what does he do and what link does he have with ‘Cachaza’ | The popular

Since the Brazilian Carol Realibetter known as ‘Cachaza’, confirmed the end of their relationship with the reality boy Raphael Cardozo, she has dedicated herself to traveling with friends and visiting her native country, where she took the opportunity to show herself very close to a lover with whom she seems to have a lot of … Read more

“Talking about the link between men and horses is important to me”, Christian Duguay

Ten years after Jappeloup, film director Christian Duguay is once again reconnecting with the equestrian world, but this time in the world of trotting races. His film Storm is released in theaters this Wednesday, December 21. A nice cast, made up in particular of Pio Marmaï, Mélanie Laurent and Carmen Kassovitz, brings this family film … Read more

“A Transforming Mission to Fulfill” the book by Rocco Gumina which investigates the link between Catholics and politics. We talk about this with the author

A tool to reflect and stimulate the commitment of Christians. This is the underlying engine that animates “A transforming mission to accomplish. Perspectives on the contribution of Catholics to society”, the new book by Rocco Gumina, published by Paruzzo Editore. Professor of Religion in the state schools of the diocese of Palermo, a Masters in … Read more

South Africa: Abel Selaocoe, the cellist who shows us the link between Bach and traditional African songs!

Abel Selaocoe, cellist A cellist in dreadlocks: this is not trivial! The first album by Abel Selaocoe, a South African cellist whom we are discovering, is wonderful, a mixture of European classical music – baroque more precisely – and traditional South African music, our musician passing most easily in the world from one universe to … Read more

The Archbishop to permanent deacons: “Be the visible link between the altar and the square”

A service that has the value of a grace for the Church: so Monsignor Delpini in the reflection held at the diocesan assembly which celebrated the 35th anniversary of the start of the institute in the Diocese The Archbishop’s reflection by Annamaria Braccini Training day On November 12, the eve of the first Sunday of … Read more

The link, a value of Muslim centrality

The whole approach to the earthly management of Muslim spirituality is based on its link between relationship to God and worldly life. ” By linking the believer directly to his Creator, by dispensing with clergy in the Christian sense, by recommending religious scholars to keep their distance from political power, Islam founds median secularism “, … Read more

Harvard researchers link spirituality to healthier living and longer lifespan

Spirituality is associated with improved health outcomes and patient care. According to a study conducted by experts from Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospitalspirituality should be integrated into care for serious illnesses and general health. “This study represents the most rigorous and comprehensive systematic review of the modern health and spiritual … Read more