Irene Grandi / “For Vasco they are his version in a skirt: I met him when I was 13 and …”

IRENE GRANDI BACK TO “VERISSIMO” There will be also Irene Grandi in the usual, rich cast of guests of “Very true”the usual rotogravure between showbiz and gossip broadcast on Canale 5: and in the first of the two weekend appointments with the program conducted by Silvia Toffanin it will make its welcome back to the … Read more

The analysis. Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam bent to Artificial Intelligence

What mystical essence will contain the Creation of Adam frescoed on the vault of the Sistine Chapel to release its dose of symbolic power to each generation? In the 1990s, redundantly launched by President Bush as “the decade of the brain” for the impulse provided to neuroscience, the interpretation that the reddish mantle that forms … Read more

Opposition: “What happened to the new brand of Umbria?”. Region: “It’s ready”


by Maurizio Troccoli We return to talk about the Umbrian brand of Umbria, that is its promotional logo, for tourism and commerce, because if the opposition asks ‘what happened to the new logo’, the majority replies that it is ready. On Friday morning, the secretary of the Democratic Party and regional councilor Tommaso Bori returns … Read more

The statue of St. Michael the Archangel


The statue of San Michele Arcangelo has been restored to Grottaminarda. The Rotary Community Corps Avellino Est Association, chaired by Sonia Bruno, announces the event scheduled at the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore on Sunday 25 September, after the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Bishop of Ariano Irpino – Lacedonia, Sergio Melillo. the local … Read more

Terra Madre and the charge of volunteers: thousands of them came, there is also a school


from Nicolò Fagone La Zita “It’s a wonderful experience,” says Sofia, 17. Mrs Olga, 83 years old: “For me it’s a medicine” If the 2022 edition of the Salone del Gusto is working so well, part of the credit certainly goes to the volunteers, ready to make time and skills available without asking for anything … Read more

Carlo Petrini, to WineNews: it is our lives that must be sustainable, to regenerate us


“Never as in this historical moment are we aware of the importance of the food system, all, as a whole, with respect to environmental degradation. And therefore how the need to regenerate the way we eat and produce is a need that can no longer be postponed, on pain of the fact that we become … Read more

Divinazione, spiritualismo e atmosfere gotiche di Danhly


L’adeguamento dell’arte alla personalità e alle nuove culture che si sono delineate nella contemporaneità ha costituito e costituisce un importante e originale spunto per riflettere su temi che forse non appartengono alla cultura più popolare, ciò nonostante esercitano un fascino magnetico anche in chi non ha compiuto un percorso di approfondimento nell’ignoto, nel misterioso, e … Read more

Interview. “From energy to social emergencies Salesians ready for great challenges”


Jean Paul Muller with speaker Janis McDavid, one of the speakers of Sdb Change – Ans For the first time the Salesian Congregation brought together its provincial treasurers, the managers of the planning and development offices, the directors of the public prosecutors’ offices, the fundraising managers and all the other key persons for the economic … Read more

The Migration Festival returns to Turin, focusing on war and climate change


War, climate change and the gender issue. These are the cornerstones of the Migration Festival, which returns to Turin for its own fourth edition from 27 September to 2 October and this year too unfolds in various places in the city, between the former Cemetery of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Holden School, the Sandretto … Read more