Ada Negri: the pain for the death of her daughter gave her back her faith

The spirituality of the poet Ada Negri who, through the atrocious pain of the death of her daughter at just one month old, rediscovered her faith in Christ through the Heavenly Mother The November 13, 2022 issue of the weekly Mary with you hosts an interesting article on poet Ada Negriwhose lyrical stature has been … Read more

Branko horoscope tomorrow 21 January 2023: the unmissable zodiac Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Branko Horoscope January 21 Sagittarius As your philosophy of life evolves and your faith deepens, you become more confident in your decisions and your talents and abilities come to the fore, gaining recognition and success. Many rely on you and strive to help. Your friends support you in realizing your aspirations. Tip for the day: … Read more

At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life.

At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life. He finished his earthly life and began, at the same time eternal life, which never ends. And if we think about it, it really is like this, wanting to take the opportunity to remember that this truth is the only exception, which … Read more

SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK, “The dwarf and the dummy” | Catholic civilization

A speculative journey within the evangelical message conducted from an atheistic point of view, but which leads the author, a well-known contemporary philosopher who has always been interested in Marxism and materialism, to a reading of the Christian fact as original as it is stimulating. This originality of his is also the result of the … Read more

Ancient improvisation between enchantment and creativity

Locum Sacrum is the name of a jazz festival organized inside the Convent of San Francesco di Paola, located in Spezzano della Sila in Calabria. A magical place, where spirituality and the sacred accompany visitors and, in our case, characterize the music of a fascinating record directed by saxophonists Francesco Caligiuri and Nicola Pisani. Deeply … Read more

Lisetta Carmi, photographer, traveller, curious and much more

Stplay loud. Always play. A life that is polyphonic, learning everything, observing without judging, changing without fear, giving meaning to every little thing.Between music, photography and spirituality he has lived five livesas Babaji Herakhan Baba had predicted, the spiritual master whom he had met in India in 1976 and to whom he would devote an … Read more

“Indian jeans”, a book to tell experiences of spirituality and globalization

With the collaboration of friends of the Rate groupthe Group Cohousing Ferrara has organized a series of meetings in which some contemporary writers will present their stories. Let’s start Friday 27 January 2023 at 6 pm in the via Ravenna 228 office:Marcello Girone Daloli will present their book “Indian Jeans” and will talk about his … Read more