Father Lombardi: “Ratzinger will inspire the Church of the future” | CultureIdentity

Talk with Father Federico Lombardi, the Jesuit at the service of three Popes – John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis – is an experience that enlightens the heart and the mind. The man of “Vatican communication”, today president of the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation, outlines the figure of Pope Ratzingerwho in all his … Read more

The woods of the future structure of Notre

Mgr Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, rector of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, proceeded Thursday, December 15 to the blessing of the logs, these tree trunks that will be used to rebuild the framework of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The brush was given at the very heart of the Perrault brothers workshops, a renowned heritage restoration company based … Read more

‘The White Lotus’ (Season 3): release date, new location, who returns and who does not and everything we know about the future of the brilliant series

The second installment of the anthological series has just said goodbye to HBO Max, but with the guarantee of its return. We tell you everything you need to know about his future. The White Lotus it was one of the great surprises of 2021 and has repeated his feat in 2022 with the premiere of … Read more

Togni: “Two names for the Bishop of the future… We have young parish priests, present and with personality”

by Andrea Togni * In addition to being a father and husband, I am an entrepreneur and manager: I appreciate those who express their efforts and, if necessary, withdraw from a function, leaving room for the new. Asking for help is an act of love towards the organization to which you belong and towards the … Read more

Kiri, from ‘Avatar 2: the sense of water’, contains the future of the saga

Avatar 2: The Water Sense it is a tour not only through new territories of the already iconic planet. Likewise, it is a reinterpretation at a deep level about life and death. What is demonstrated more clearly with the character of Kiri, played by Sigourney Weaver. As will be remembered, the actress played Dr. Grace … Read more

Building a future based on cooperation: a meeting on the topic at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See

Discuss what are the concrete and viable ways to restore space for dialogue, then ask yourself how to build a new and more just system of international relations. Times are complex, the threat is serious, the effort must be, to use the words of Robert Schuman, “creative”. Within these objectives, the meeting “Europe and war: … Read more


On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, millions of spectators, especially Africans, who were in front of their television screens, after holding their breath, exulted with joy when Achraf HAKIMI sent the Atlas Lions to the quarter-finals of the Cup world playing out in QATAR. The only African team after the failure of Tunisia, Ghana, Senegal and … Read more

More Books More Free #1. Everything asks for salvation. The gaze on the future of Daniele Mencarelli and Pietro Turano

«I always conclude my meetings, especially those in schools, by saying to the young people: ‘You are better than me’. Because young people are really smart, we just have to allow them to be smarter than us and that’s the problem. We are the ones who have to get out». He goes straight to the … Read more