Fratoun, singer of Les Guetteurs: “Now let’s talk about Christ! »

The group “Les Guetteurs” was created almost fifteen years ago. Where do you find the motivation to continue? We draw on the love of Christ and the love of music! We like that. After the confinement we felt the need to relaunch ourselves in a real group album. During the confinement we had released an … Read more

The dead of the pandemic. In Capitanata the highest numbers in Italy. And nobody wants to talk about it

The South was marginally affected in the first half of 2020, then strongly in the fall of that year and the spring of 2021. The reference point is 2019, then the deaths were 6182, in line with previous years. In Captained Istat records a surge in 2020 to 7495 (+ 1313) and in 2021 to … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Rawson, January 15. Talk about situations and actions. “I demand that the Machi return to her Rewe. For the right to spirituality and health according to our worldview, and free development in the territory”

Latin American Summary, January 17, 2023 «We reaffirm our feyentun and support our machi. We summon the Mapuche people of the Meli Witral Mapu to unite and strengthen ourselves from our mongen and nor feleal blue. To the conscious society in general and to our pu lamngen, we say that the resistance continues and that … Read more

A talk on science, spirituality and metal with Epica’s Mark Jansen | radionics

The presentation of epic in Rock to the Park 2022 was like his name. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most remembered shows in the festival’s history due to the dazzling staging of this band from the Netherlands that came out amid fire and euphoria to show all the strength of their … Read more

Rémy Hysbergue: Free and futile talk

Rémy Hysbergue is a French painter currently exhibited at the Richard Gallery in Paris. The following text is an assemblage of several remarks made by the artist during a series of interviews for the magazine untitled. Free and futile (according to the artist), these selected pieces inform about his formation and his influences. They specify … Read more

Science, spirituality, carbohydrates: Stabber and Gaia talk about ‘Fé’ | Rolling Stone Italy

On the one hand science, on the other spirituality. This is perhaps the simplest way to describe two personalities as close but distant as Stabber, one of the most esteemed Italian producers, and Gaia, Italian-Brazilian pop star with international ambition. Together the two found themselves, having lunch and animatedly discussing the great themes of life, … Read more

jm | When Catholics talk to Muslims

RELIGION. The Catholic diocesan team has maintained relations with those responsible for the Muslim faith for years. What can be said between these two quite different religions? Taner Özcan and the diocesan team of Saint-Dizier recount the content of their working sessions. We cannot say that they are culturally close. And yet, in Saint-Dizier, the … Read more

Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, I talk about myself: “This is how I reconcile boxing and spirituality”

Aziz is found at the platform of the Assisi station. He lifts a few kilos of muscles to say goodbye and from a distance it is clear that he is the European heavyweight champion. The boxing federation center is a couple of minutes away. The nationals live there, in permanent retirement, in a curious assonance … Read more

Mex Urtizberea, the host of a classic gathering: “In ¡Fa! we talk about issues that are common to all” | UPR

Mex Urtizberea receives to The Urban Planet at home, his place in the world, where he currently does almost all his activities: his radio show The morning (Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12, by Nacional Rock) and Fa!a kind of cultural gathering in which, once a month, they have the pleasure of chatting with … Read more

The Pope will sit down to talk with Denzel Washington and other artists

We spoke with the organizer of the Vitae Summit 2022 event, the Argentine Luis Quinelli Pope Francis will receive a group of 25 actors and artists from around the world in a private meeting tomorrow, to talk about the beauty and culture of the meeting. This event could be the first of a series of … Read more