Nancy: Catholics accuse an artist of “making fun of Jesus”, she replies

Through Amandine Mehl Published on 19 Jan 23 at 19:11 Lorraine News See my news Follow this media A demonstration against the exhibition “Sacred Monsters” by the artist Emmanuelle De Rosa will be held in front of the MJC Bazin in Nancy on Friday 20 January. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine News) To Nancythe MJC Bazin currently … Read more

In Burma, “Catholics feel abandoned”

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is organizing its fourteenth Night of Witnesses from January 21 to 27, 2023. Five prayer vigils are planned in five cities in France, to pay tribute to the martyrs for their faith. Among the exceptional witnesses invited, Father David Michael de Penha, originally from Burma where the persecutions … Read more

The day “Militant Spirituality and Political Charity” will address the political commitment of Catholics

The Christian Cultural Movement takes the lead in reflecting on the political commitment of Catholics in Spain today. And it does so, in this year of electoral processes, with a Conference on “Militant Spirituality and Political Charity”, which will be held on February 11 and 12 in the Assembly Hall of the Madrid parish of … Read more

Catholics now outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland

Catholics are now the majority in Northern Ireland, according to the results of a census published Thursday, a historic reversal in this British province marked by interreligious conflicts and likely to encourage supporters of reunification with the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland was born 101 years ago with a geographical division ensuring a Protestant majority … Read more

jm | When Catholics talk to Muslims

RELIGION. The Catholic diocesan team has maintained relations with those responsible for the Muslim faith for years. What can be said between these two quite different religions? Taner Özcan and the diocesan team of Saint-Dizier recount the content of their working sessions. We cannot say that they are culturally close. And yet, in Saint-Dizier, the … Read more

New scandals in the French Church: “Crisis of confidence” among Catholics, overwhelmed

Shaken by new sex scandals, Catholics in France are going through a serious “crisis of confidence” which risks causing some to decline in practice and commitment, believers and sociologists testify, a year after the publication of a report shock. Thursday, a priest from the west of France, who had given an appointment at the beginning … Read more

Eloquent truths | True Catholics vs Globalism V

The intelligence that directs the advances of globalism or the New World Order, is of a totally evil spirituality. The groups that direct it, take shelter under a modernist cloak, also known as illuminist. The ultimate goal of this ancient and advanced project of social alienation consists of integrating all nations into a global socio-communist … Read more

Catholics and Protestants want to deepen their collaboration – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Council of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland (EERS) and the Conference of Swiss Bishops (CES) exchanged on fundamental and current questions during a retreat, on November 22 and 23 at the convent of Kappel am Albis, communicates the CES on December 1, 2022. Representatives of the two major churches emphasized their intention to … Read more

“A Transforming Mission to Fulfill” the book by Rocco Gumina which investigates the link between Catholics and politics. We talk about this with the author

A tool to reflect and stimulate the commitment of Christians. This is the underlying engine that animates “A transforming mission to accomplish. Perspectives on the contribution of Catholics to society”, the new book by Rocco Gumina, published by Paruzzo Editore. Professor of Religion in the state schools of the diocese of Palermo, a Masters in … Read more

Catholics in the Climate Emergency: Sharing the Hope for Change

The webinar promoted by the European Alliance Laudato si’ proposes ideas and solutions to optimize the role of the Church in the context of the environmental crisis. The president of the Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network Africa association, Father Charles Chilufya: “We live on a limited planet, but our hearts are infinite” Edoardo Giribaldi – … Read more