Tim Roth: “I’m not just being bad”

Reflections, emotions, balances. And the projection into the future, between projects and unknowns. He recently turned 60 Tim Roth, without regrets or desire to pull the oars in the boat. “The idea of ​​totally abandoning oneself and living life as it comes without deadlines and commitments, I believe, fascinates everyone. Sometimes I thought about it … Read more

Standing ovation for Pierluigi Tortora in Caserta

Standing ovation for Pierluigi Turtledove, much appreciated theater actor, in the role of ZiFonso, last night at “Our Lady of Loudes”. The dramatization of the work, like the entire screenplay, is the work of Pierluigi Tortora himself, who performed his theatrical creation, a true masterpiece, in the parish of Don Antonello Giannotti, crowded with spectators, … Read more

The Kremlin, the atomic threat and the chaos of the Italian election campaign


(photo from Pixabay) In light of what has been happening for over a year now and always growing beyond the curtain, it is not a sterile exercise to see what is left of Karl Marx’s doctrine over there. One of the reasons that lead to make this type of approach to that reality is the … Read more

Festivals and literary meetings to understand the complexity of the world


In recent years, history seems to have accelerated, with large-scale events that raise new questions looking for satisfying answers. Or at least a compass with which to orient oneself between the uncertainties left by the pandemic emergency and the anxiety linked to a conflict on European territory and to the economic difficulties that affect daily … Read more

And so everything sings Dialogues and music for a possible future


And so everything sings Dialogues and music for a possible futureThe MishMash cd book for Finisterre Sounds and voices at the crossroads of four faiths. The sound experience of a musical journey that lasted 25 years between the Mediterranean, the East and the Middle East Goes out on October 8 for Finisterre “And so everything … Read more

KUM! Festival La Mole, Ancona, VII edizione, 14


Si scrive KUM! Festival, si legge Cantieri per la Cura. Da venerdì 14 a domenica 16 ottobre torna alla Mole Vanvitelliana di Ancona la manifestazione diretta dallo psicoanalista Massimo Recalcati con il coordinamento scientifico del filosofo Federico Leoni, che ogni anno coinvolge specialisti della clinica, psicoanalisti e medici, ma anche filosofi, storici, scrittori e artisti … Read more

Parte la nuova stagione del Teatro Garage di Genova


Prima dell’alba Genova – Da venerdì 30 settembre 2022 parte la nuova stagione del Teatro Garage, con un calendario ricco di spettacoli all’insegna della comicità, dell’improvvisazione, delle giovani eccellenze teatrali e del teatro per famiglie e bambini. Sono 51 gli spettacoli in programma fino al 20 maggio 2023, in uno spazio che da oltre trent’anni … Read more



FIERI – INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN FORUM FOR IMMIGRATION RESEARCH – in collaboration with the cultural association ANTILOCO, the Goethe-Institut Turin, Il Piccolo Cinema, the Master in Translation for Cinema, Television and Multimedia Publishing of the Faculty of Languages and Foreign Literature and thanks to the funding of the CRT Foundation, present the eighteenth edition of … Read more

Musei a 1 euro per le Giornate Europee del Patrimonio, sabato 24 e domenica 25 settembre


Sabato 24 e domenica 25 settembre si celebrano le Giornate Europee del Patrimonio, manifestazione ideata dal Consiglio d’Europa e dalla Commissione Europea al fine di potenziare e favorire il dialogo e lo scambio in ambito culturale tra le nazioni europee. È un’occasione importante per mettere in rilievo il ruolo centrale della cultura nelle dinamiche sociali, … Read more

Grenze 2022: what to see at the Verona photography festival


The Bastione delle Maddalene, in Verona, at the beginning of September was the protagonist of the fifth photographic exhibition of Grenze Arsenali Photo 2022. The Verona photography festival was born from an idea of ​​the teacher and art critic Simone Azzoni and the photographer and teacher Francesca Marra. Fascinating and enigmatic, at the same time, … Read more