Spiritual Master – Catholic France

Four hundred years after his death, Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), celebrated on January 24, remains surprisingly topical: Doctor of the Church, founder of the Order of the Visitation, patron saint of journalists, he remains indispensable for an authentic Christian life in a time of upheaval. What are the main features of his spirituality? Response … Read more

“Le Grand Jeûne”: the film of a Strasbourg resident who circled Mont Blanc on an empty stomach

Impossible is not… Strasbourg, it seems. Reading his curious challenge, one wonders why (and how) the Muammer Yilmaz from Strasbourg embarked on this adventure: to go around Mont Blanc, on an empty stomach, for 11 days! To explain his motivations, he made a film of it with his longtime friend, Milan Bihlmann: The Great Fast … Read more

Gad Elmaleh et son nouveau spectacle diffusé sur Canal+: “C’est ça, en fait, le stand

Pour un artiste qui ne vit que pour la scène, la crise sanitaire a été une véritable torture. Gad Elmaleh est de cette caste. Son dernier spectacle, D’ailleurs, diffusé ce vendredi 20 janvier 2023 sur Canal+, a été peaufiné durant le premier confinement. Par obligation. Alors quand il a été de nouveau possible de se … Read more

Nancy: Catholics accuse an artist of “making fun of Jesus”, she replies

Through Amandine Mehl Published on 19 Jan 23 at 19:11 Lorraine News See my news Follow this media A demonstration against the exhibition “Sacred Monsters” by the artist Emmanuelle De Rosa will be held in front of the MJC Bazin in Nancy on Friday 20 January. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine News) To Nancythe MJC Bazin currently … Read more

“Avatar 2”, “Le Petit Nicolas”, “Blonde”… The 6 film events of the fall

♦ Titanic: “Avatar. The Way of the Water, by James Cameron In theaters December 14 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar in theaters (14 million viewers in France), the long-awaited sequel to this spectacular science-fiction film, coupled with an exotic eco-humanist fable, will be released on December 14. Initially planned for 2014, Avatar. The way … Read more

Transmitting faith in the digital age

If he is recognized as a great theologian, Joseph Ratzinger was also a remarkable communicator, with a style all his own, whose legacy will undoubtedly exceed the temporal limit of his earthly existence. The fact that Benedict XVI don’t be a mass communicator — even though it captured the attention of millions of young people … Read more