From spirituality to productivity: has yoga changed posture?

Zineb Fahsi is a “critical” yoga teacher, and author of the book “Yoga, new spirit of capitalism” at Textuel. She also has a background in political science. For her essay, she analyzed and studied the ancestral, historical and oriental doctrines of yoga to arrive at this trajectory and this reflection. Yoga, today, would have become … Read more

When praying is of no use to us: the Malba and a proposal on spirituality and art

in his book Man’s Search for Meaningthe Austrian philosopher Viktor Frankl (survivor of Auschwitz and Dachau) wrote that “life is not primarily a search for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a search for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a search for meaning. Transcendence is part of that search for purpose. The sample Light and … Read more

Kabah singer and expert in spirituality: who is Apio Quijano from “La Casa de los Famosos México”

Who is Apio Quijano? He contestant of “The House of Famous Mexico” He has given a lot to talk about since he entered the reality show, because he became the first leader of the program and chose the Peruvian model Nicola Porcella to sleep with him. In addition, she took advantage of his participation in … Read more

Gema recounts how, after a suicide attempt, she rediscovered spirituality

During his passage through the The Box Challenge 2023 , Gem was characterized by its way of dealing with each of the needs and problems that were generated in the City of Boxes, both in the competition and in the coexistence and lifestyle of the participants, since he made spirituality his banner and the motto … Read more

Harry Potter: the sacred, freedom… What spirituality to give to the saga?

In the Harry Potter saga, spirituality is far from absent and is displayed in an original and very current way. On the occasion of a large immersive exhibition on his universe, which will take place in Paris from April 21 to October 1, 2023, and the announcement of a new television series, we take a … Read more

Caring for our spirituality | Diary the Black Sheep

The author is part of the Local Journalism Initiative A good number of rural churches located in Bas-Saint-Laurent are being converted. The latest is the conversion of the Saint-Yves church in Rimouski-Est, bought by a climbing center. This reflects a decline in religious practice. A question could then arise: in what way does spirituality mainly … Read more

Let’s explore the links between bipolar disorder and spirituality: a powerful tool or a manic symptom?

Deploy Collapse the table of contents Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is associated with episodes of mania and depression. People with bipolar disorder may also have periods of lucidity between times of mania and depression. Many people who live with bipolar disorder also feel a stronger spiritual connection to the world around them, … Read more

Spirituality of the day: What has us so downcast?

Swe hear women and men with their heads down around us. The hauntings that harass them make their faces look too sad. The attitude and discouragement are noticeable at all times. The truth is that daily problems, economic crises, emotional issues and, in general, the restlessness that everyday life brings them often generate ‘a thousand … Read more