A book on Saint Paul rises in the best sellers

Essays, novels, biographies… Find the ranking of best-selling books from April 28 to May 4, 2023 in La Procure bookstores. A selection of inspiring readings from books published over the past four months. 1THE JERUSALEM CHALLENGE Albin Michael Summary : by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Albin Michel, April 2023. Invited by the Vatican to a trip to … Read more

A Spiritual Book Fair at the Abbey of Fontaine

By Aurelie Hebert Published on 22 Apr 23 at 19:20 The Impartial See my news Follow this media After the success of the first edition, the 2nd Spiritual Book Fair will take place on Sunday April 23 at the Abbey of Fontaine-Guérard in Radepont. ©L’Impartial archives I’Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fontaine-Guérardsituated at Radepont (Eure) awakens … Read more

“Indian jeans”, a book to tell experiences of spirituality and globalization

With the collaboration of friends of the Rate groupthe Group Cohousing Ferrara has organized a series of meetings in which some contemporary writers will present their stories. Let’s start Friday 27 January 2023 at 6 pm in the via Ravenna 228 office:Marcello Girone Daloli will present their book “Indian Jeans” and will talk about his … Read more

The promise to St. Francis, in the book by Luigi Antonio Greco a testimony of faith and hope

Advertisements The promise to St. Francisin the book by Luigi Antonio Greco a testimony of faith and hope A true and current story. Of suffering and faith. That touches hearts deeply and opens them to hope. Luigi Antonio Greco wrote it in the book “The Promise to St. Francis”. It is the diary of a … Read more

Maria Montessori’s book. The unusual gift of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Pope Francis

“He reminded us that in the Italian heritage we also have this great gift, thanks to Mary Montessori: to consider the religious education of the child as part of the education of humanity”. Morena Baldacciprofessor at the Pontifical Salesian University of Turinthus comments one of the gifts offered by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Melonito Pope … Read more

Book in December at the Cinemateca de Bogotá | radionics

to close the 2022 with movies and activities that allow us to permeate other worlds and immerse ourselves in different stories, the Bogota Cinematheque Present your December agenda. So with activities like Pop-80s Cycle, the purpose will be to lead us to other worlds. This particular cycle will allow us to return to the eighties … Read more

Not by chance, a pizza maker, Salvatore De Caro presents his book in Bracigliano.

On the occasion of the closing of the Bracigliano ChristmasL’Khorakhané Association, together with Consultation of the Associations of the Municipality of Braciglianopresents the book of Salvatore De Caro “Pizzaiolo not by chance” (D&P publishers). The appointment is scheduled for this evening, at 7 pm, at Palazzo De Simone. Not a simple meeting, but a real … Read more

Alberto Linero spoke with Infobae about his new book and his new life: “Being spiritual as a couple makes me happier”

Alberto Linero left the priesthood in 2018 after expressing some differences with the actions of the church in cases of abuse the ex-priest Alberto Linero He is one of the most recognized writers and communicators among believers and non-believers in the country. His decision to retire from the priesthood surprised his followers but it did … Read more

Luz Vitolo, about “Summer Fruit”, her new book: “I am interested in exploring human evil”

Leila Torres, Telam “Why is our body subjected to so much damage?” is the question that guides the Argentine writer Luz Vítolo in summer fruithis second book of stories that presents children, adolescents and young people who hurt, torture, feel guilty, obsess over time or try to understand how strange it is to have a … Read more