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Soulmirror.one is a website that talks about news in the world of the supernatural (ghosts, spirits, readings and psychics). We have articles on how you can add more spirituality into your life from movies to tv series or from animated characters to actors with faith. Soulmirror one also has interviews with spiritual people such as Alice Avila – psychic medium who has a very personal story she brings to her work.
It all began in 2007 when I came across an article about the new movie “The Sixth Sense” and I got hooked reading about it for hours. The article had two sentences about “ghosts” at the end so before I knew it I had read 9 pages of information on ghosts from Wikipedia before realizing my time was better spent doing something else.
I’ve been fascinated by ghosts ever since then because they’re like another side of us that we don’t know much about – that we can only understand through these otherworldly experiences of others’ living souls who come back to tell their stories.