“Pálpito 2”: What to expect from Tomás and Samantha in the new season? Julián Cerati tells us exclusively

It is unusual to hear an Argentine, one of those sarcastic ‘cancheros’, doing a Colombian, Mexican or simply a neutral accent, but Julián Cerati is the exception. The young actor has been reaping triumphs outside his country and with the help of streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix. For a few years, the sets … Read more

How ‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ Tells Na’vi Stories Through Its Costumes

Costume designer Deborah L. Scott loves telling stories with clothes. “It helps the storytelling of the film,” Scott says of her artistry, which is evident in the meticulous detail behind the Na’vi costumes she created for James Cameron. Avatar: The Way of the Water. An Oscar for the director Titanic and recipient of this season’s … Read more

Avatar 2 tells a central concept of our century: the Anthropocene

We would have entered the Anthropocene, a geological era where humanity influences the planet. The Avatar franchise is known for its green dimension. How does James Cameron approach the Anthropocene? Gatien Gambin, PhD student in Cultural Studies, explains it in The Conversation. Warning spoilers: the following article presents some elements of the film likely to … Read more

With “Avatar 2”, James Cameron tells us about the Anthropocene

Warning spoilers: the following article presents some elements of the film likely to reveal the plot. On December 14, 2022, thirteen years later Avatar first of the name, the director James Cameron (titanic, Abyss, terminator) delivered to the public the continuation of the adventures of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Avatar, the way of the water … Read more

Ingrid Coronado, her ex, Charly López, defends herself and tells everything

Ingrid Coronado, her ex, Charly López, defends herself and tells everything | instagram tremendous statements the ones that the former member of Garibaldi, Charlie Lopezabout his ex-partner and driver Ingrid CoronadoTherefore, she affirms that she only expected the death of Fernando del Solar. This as a consequence of the statements that Ingrid made with Yordi … Read more

Descartes Dyptich, dance tells the ideas of Descartes at the Teatro Toselli

On Friday 16 December 2022 at 21 at the Teatro Toselli in Cuneo, for the itinerant season IPUNTIDANZA 2022/23, the EgriBiancoDanza Company returns with a new production, Descartes Dyptich, the last stage of Ergo Sum, a four-part project by the choreographer Raphael Bianco, co -director of the Company. Ergo Sum, developed since 2018 invites us … Read more

This author tells how he got out of heroin addiction thanks to the 12 step program

You cannot view this content because you have refused the cookies associated with content from third parties. If you would like to view this content, you can change your choices. HEALTH – To overcome an addiction, there are several possibilities, cures, or consultations with psychologists and addictologists among others. For Julien Gangnet, what particularly helped … Read more

New Police Series “The Calling” Tells the Story of a Religious Jewish Detective

Viewers of “The Calling” will quickly realize that this is not your typical TV police procedural. Two minutes later, the lead detective on a new murder silently bows before the corpse…and prays. Detective Avraham Avraham is an unusual figure in the New York Police Department: A keen observer of human behavior thanks to his studies … Read more

Montagna Doc, the exhibition that tells the story of the valleys in Villar Perosa

The Montagna Doc review – Stories of resistance and resilience is back at the Cinema delle Valli in Villar Perosa (To). Scheduled every Saturday at 6.30 pm, from 29 October to 3 December, 6 events dedicated to the mountains and adventure, as physical and spiritual places. Each screening will be preceded by … Read more

“My Don Simone so similar to some Florentine priests”: Pieraccioni tells his film between the sacred and the profane

With the iridescent blue jacket, as he himself described it to “bischero”, Leonardo Pieraccioni made his triumphal entry at the Uci Luxe Cinema in Campi Bisenzio for the presentation of his latest work: “The sex of the angels”. With him three of the actresses of the cast, Maitè Yanes, Eva Moore and Valentina Pegorer who … Read more