The Museum of Iberian Art of Cigarralejo de Mula opens new rooms dedicated to the Sanctuary

The Museum of Iberian Art of Cigarralejo de Mula inaugurates next Wednesday, March 29, five new rooms dedicated to the Sanctuary, which will become a new permanent exhibition space on the ground floor of the museum. In this way, the musealization of this important collection puts a fundamental element of Iberian culture at the service … Read more

Chronicles of plagiarism: La Piedad Ahuehuetlán and a brief recount of the spoils she has experienced

Two days ago I received an invitation from Christian Gallegos Vega, president of the Autonomous Government Council of La Piedad Ahuehuetlán, to attend an event. It was the exhibition “Fray Pedro de Gante”, presented by the Minister Representative of Mexico to the Council of Europe, Dr. José Alfonso Suárez de Real y Aguilera. It is … Read more

José Cobo exhibits with ‘El tejido de la luz’ at the Juan Silió Gallery, in Madrid

José Cobo exhibits with ‘El tejido de la luz’ at the Juan Silió Gallery, in Madrid, from March 25 to May 27. After several appearances at the Juan Silió Gallery in Santander, to which he has been linked for more than three decades, the works of the sculptor José Cobo now arrive in Madrid, with … Read more

An Argentine Pope, the unexpected gift that only ten years later we appreciate

Pope Francis in the Vatican Life sometimes hits and others caresses. The validity of a argentine pope did not occupy a space between our expectations, it was a unexpected gift that ten years later we are just valuing it with the respect it deserves and the distance that separates us. Only our beloved Father Leonardo … Read more

Vanina Gramuglia, the “astrologer” of Big Brother 2007: her romance with an ex of Nicole Neumann and her spiritual path in angelology

The entrance of Vanina Gramuglia to Big Brother 2007 Vanina Gramuglia was one of the protagonists of one of the most remembered editions of Big Brother, that of 2007, with milestones that are remembered until today. The consecration of Marianela Mirrahis spontaneous to diego leonardithe takeoff of Claudia Ciardonethe barrage of negative votes for Nadia … Read more

Interview with Muriel Parra, Chilean costume designer with a long history and part of “Sayen”

A few weeks ago we were invited to witness the press function of sayen, the first film in a Chilean trilogy produced by Fábula, by the Larraín brothers that can be seen on Prime Video. The story follows the first Mapuche action heroine, played by rallen montenegroin a story full of intrigue, action and other … Read more

Stories, fables and drawings to be better Christians

The priest Lluís Raventós gathers in a book parables, examples and fables that Saint Josemaría used to teach us, adults and children, to be better Christians. The work is illustrated with drawings by the author himself. The book titled gusts at sunset It is the seventh that publishes mossen Lluís Raventós, a priest who will … Read more

Are you going to dress the Child God for the first time? Check what you should do

The February 2 is Candlemas Day and it is not only a date to eat tamales, because there are those who keep the tradition of dressing your child gaveyes. Therefore, in excelsior We tell you what the clothing of this religious image represents. Perhaps some of them remember their grandmothers or aunts going to the … Read more