Anata Andino and Carnaval de Oruro will be seen in Argentina through a photographic exhibition

La Paz, Jan 29, 2023 (ATB Digital). – From February 1 to 28, 20 photographs will be exhibited that will demonstrate the cultural richness of Bolivia in the photographic art exhibition called “Bolivia a country of parties” that will present the Anata Andino and the dances of the Oruro Carnival, in Jujuy Argentina. These artistic … Read more

UCSD and Multimedios Vida agree to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education

UCSD and Multimedios Vida agree to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- The Universidad Católica Santo Domingo (UCSD) and Los Multimedios Vida of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo signed to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education, social communication and culture. The agreement was signed in the oval room of the … Read more

The Netflix Secret Codes that will Lead You to Find the Hidden Series and Movies

Drafting/CHANGE 22 The five Netflix news for March that we do not want to miss Chances are, though, that there are a ton of movies and TV shows you’ve never come across when searching the streaming service’s extensive library. Unless you spend hours scrolling through the library, the highlighted titles are based on what you’ve … Read more

Lluís Homar: «Salí en busca de respuestas, y he vuelto a mis raíces cristianas, a los místicos, para encontrarlas»

«¡Oh, llama de amor viva, que tiernamente hieres de mi alma en el más profundo centro! Pues ya no eres esquiva, acaba ya si quieres; rompe la tela de este dulce encuentro». Dice Lluís Homar (Barcelona, 1957) que cuando san Juan de la Cruz escribe Noche oscura del alma, lo hace «estando ya la casa … Read more

Recommended psychics (January 2023) 01/20/2023 updated

Recommended clairvoyants (JANUARY 2023) 01/20/2023 updated. The psychics recommended in these recent dates for all users. The recommended seers are part of a perfect spiritual process that is being born. If you detail everything that we will say below, you will realize that the magical world is growing in an unforgettable way. In this way, … Read more

The Black Heritage Choir’s gospel spirituality brings Christmas to the Palace

The Black Heritage Choir pays tribute to Aretha Franklin in their show. / DM The programming of the penultimate week of the year is completed with ‘Diptych on the fall’ on Intimate Wednesday’ Dance and music mark the programming of the Palacio de Festivales in the penultimate week of the year. The last date of … Read more

The Pope sees in charity the only remedy for contemporary challenges

Francis received this Friday the sisters of the Social Service, a society of female apostolic life of pontifical right whose particular purpose is social assistance. Meeting of the Pope with the Sisters of Social Service (VaticanMedia) The Holy Father Francis received today, Friday, January 20, a dozen sisters from the Social Service, a … Read more

Paris, between the Orient and Scandinavia, with Rains and Sean Suen

Translated by sebastian hernandez Posted on 20 jan 2023 This Thursday, buyers, journalists and fashionistas toured a Paris at times empty, at times plagued by unbearable traffic, due to a long day of strike against a plan to reform the pension system announced by the French Government. Two international brands, the Danish Rains and the … Read more