Padre Pio, the film now speaks Italian

National premiere in Shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo for the movie”Padre Pio” by Abel Ferrarawith the participation of the director and screenwriter Maurice Braucci. For the first time in its dubbed version, an Italy/Germany co-production, produced by Maze Pictures and Interlinea film. After the presentation in the original language which took place at the 79th … Read more

A priest sobbed before Jesus in the Eucharist: Aleteia speaks with him

Aleteia spoke with Don Ernesto María Caro, the priest who stars in the viral video. Interviewed by the journalist Pilar Velilla, the father explains what happened to him Don Ernesto Maria Caro is the protagonist of a viral video that you may have seen these days: Given the comments that were published on social networks … Read more

Spirituality. The silence that speaks: the lesson of the Carthusians


A still from “The Great Silence”, documentary film directed by Philip Gröning in 2005 – archive How many times in despair have we felt like a football team at the mercy of the opponent, powerless and offside compared to this time. And maybe looking in the mirror we saw the outline of Munch’s Scream shouting … Read more

Raisi speaks to the UN while the Iranians in the US ask for a trial


The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to fight “injustices in all its forms: against humanity, against spirituality, against Almighty God and against the peoples of the world. Wherever they occur “. These are the words spoken today by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the United Nations General Assembly. A leader for whom, the Iranian Islamic … Read more

Mapuche nation. Arauco Malleco Coordinator speaks out before the latest arrests


Latin American Summary, September 4, 2022 Through a communication sent to us Werken News The Arauco Malleco Coordinator pronounces itself before the latest facts, regarding the arrest of 4 of its members and blames the government for forming a political persecution against the organization. IN THE FACE OF THE PERMANENT POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND IMPRISONMENT OF … Read more

“It was in the air that the meeting with Kirill would be skipped.” Speaks Don Stefano Caprio, professor at the Pontifical Oriental Institute


That pstriarcs Kirill avoided the meeting with the Pope in Kazakhstan “was in the air, also because a meeting had never been scheduled or officially communicated the participation of Patriarch Kirill”. This was stated by Don Stefano Caprio, a speaker of Russian spirituality at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome and a visiting professor at … Read more

The theater in my opinion. Leo Gullotta speaks


The Sicilian actor is on tour with the show “Bartleby lo scribe”, a theatrical adaptation of the homonymous story by Herman Melville. We interviewed him Bartleby the scribe. Directed by Emanuele Gamba. With Leo Gullotta. PhotoLuca Del Pia Up and down Italy. A tight tour of dates that alternate from the north to the south … Read more