On earth as it is in heaven – France Catholique

We discover in Haute-Savoie an enchanting heritage of Baroque churches which reflect the spirituality of the Council of Trent and of Saint Francis de Sales. Savoy is located in the famous “baroque crescent” which extends from the Iberian Peninsula to Italy, southern Germany, Austria, Bohemia and Slovakia, passing through certain regions of France and Flanders. … Read more

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” Luke 21:33

Share on networks: January 14, 2023Sylviane & Jeanine «Le ciel et la terre passeront, mais mes paroles ne passeront point.»Luc‬ ‭21‬:‭33‬ ‭ Christ conseille à ses disciples d’observer les « signes des temps », afin de ne pas être surpris par le Jugement divin à venir. Ce conseil est précieux pour aujourd’hui . Au … Read more

“For behold, the winter is past; The rain stopped, it went away. The flowers appear on the earth, The time to sing has arrived. Song 2:11

Share on networks: January 12, 2023Sylviane & Jeanine JOIN US ! Download the Christians TV app. Sur cette terre craquelée sans fleurs ni verdure, Le désert de mon coeur s’est changé en jardin, Une fontaine scellée, une source d’eau pure Le Divin jardinier l’a créé de sa main. Les chardons et les ronces y … Read more

What if we called on God for help to save Life on Planet Earth? – CDURABLE.info

Faced with the current state of the planet and its future, 67% of French people say they suffer from eco-anxiety34% believe that their “eco-emotions” affect their daily mental health. A particularly marked trend among 16-25 year olds, 75% of whom judge their future “scary” While everyone is wondering how to contribute to the construction of … Read more

Blue Marble, the first photo of the Earth as a whole from space celebrates its 50th anniversary, Yann Arthus

On December 7, 1972, NASA released the first photograph of the Earth as a whole taken from Earth orbit. The image titled “Blue Marble” (the blue ball) becomes iconic and goes around the world. She is said to have helped raise awareness among humanity that we all share the same planet. The photographer, environmentalist director … Read more

The second Slow Food Earth Market opens on Sunday in San Floriano

In the 2018 on these pages we were writing about the inauguration of the first Earth Market from Slow Food in Sommacampagna. Since then, dozens of unmissable appointments have followed on a monthly basis. Today, we write about the inauguration of one new edition of the Earth Market that takes place Sunday 16 October in … Read more

Heaven and earth cannot remain distant. The lesson of the papal Magisterium

The last three Popes are somewhat different but their action can be traced back to same evangelical matrix. Who looked more to the sky, and who more to the earth. Who has made the conciliar openings progress, some less, and who is trying to develop them to the maximum. Three different Popes, also because – … Read more

The Earth raises a song and a cry

????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? “Hear the voice of creation” and the theme of the Time of creation of this year. This ecumenical period – remember Pope francesco in his Message for the occasion – “begins on September 1st with the World day of prayer for the care of creation Well yes … Read more