In Iraq, the Iranians return in force for the Arbain pilgrimage

“It’s as if I had just arrived in paradise,” says Najmè, an Iranian teacher, wrapped in a black chador, who came to the holy city of Kerbala in Iraq like three million of her compatriots for the Arbain pilgrimage. , the highlight of the Shiite calendar. “I am extremely happy,” adds the 37-year-old woman. With … Read more

Raisi speaks to the UN while the Iranians in the US ask for a trial

The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to fight “injustices in all its forms: against humanity, against spirituality, against Almighty God and against the peoples of the world. Wherever they occur “. These are the words spoken today by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the United Nations General Assembly. A leader for whom, the Iranian Islamic … Read more