‘La roya’, a film that captures the agony of a field that refuses to disappear

Inspired by the experiences of his first years of life that were spent in a small coffee town high in the Andes, marked by childhood memories spent touring the coffee plantations of his aunt’s farm, Juan Sebastián Mesa, he decided to write the story that would give life to his second feature film: La roya. … Read more

Padre Pio, in San Giovanni Rotondo the presentation of the film by Abel Ferrara. And a master class from the director

National premiere in Shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo for the movie “Father Pioby Abel Ferrarawith the participation of the director and screenwriter Maurice Braucci. For the first time in its dubbed version, an Italy/Germany co-production, produced by Maze Pictures and Interlinea film. After the presentation in the original language which took place at the 79th … Read more

🎧 River to River Florence Indian Film Festival 2022


At the 22nd River to River Florence Indian Film Festival: relationships, identities, love and transitions in today’s India. From 6 to 11 December in theaters at the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence and online on Più Compagnia in collaboration with MYmovies. Listen to the special by Chiara Brilli At the 22nd River to River Florence … Read more

Four film directors from Jerez triumph on the same weekend


Sherry has become a perfect movie set as the setting for the story told. So it happens in ‘The summer we live’by Carlos Sedes, starring Blanca Suarez and Javier Rey. In another striking case, the city’s Alcázar serves to simulate other places such as magnanimous Alexandria, in the successful series ‘The Crown’. There are many … Read more

Torino Film Festival 2022: da Il Cristo in gola a Coma, le recensioni della quarantesima edizione. Prima parte


La quarantesima edizione del Torino Film Festival è in programma nel capoluogo sabaudo dal 25 novembre al 3 dicembre, sotto l’egida del Museo Nazionale del Cinema – presieduto da Enzo Ghigo e diretto da Domenico De Gaetano – con la direzione artistica di Steve Della Casa, che è tornato a dirigere la manifestazione a distanza di vent’anni in … Read more

Film “La Misionera de San José” arrives today in theaters in Colombia


This November 24, the film “La Misioera de San José” will be released in Colombia, which narrates the life of Blessed Mother Petra, a religious who founded the first sanctuary in the world dedicated to the adoptive father of Jesus and whose congregation, dedicated to the care of the most destitute, arrived in the South … Read more

“Le Lycéen” by Christophe Honoré: a film about mourning and chaos


The High School Student ** by Christophe Honoré French film, 2 h 02 You’re not serious when you’re 17, said Arthur Rimbaud. But how to be so when, at this tormented age, you suddenly lose your father? Lucas confesses it in front of the camera: he feels bad about himself. His life is “a wild … Read more

Will Smith responds to those who call for a boycott of his new film, after the slap of the Oscars


Eight months after his altercation with Chris Rock on the stage of the Oscars live, Will Smith is preparing to return to the screens with a new film. While the voices are already calling for a boycott of this film, the actor finally answered in an interview. Will Smith stars as Peter in the upcoming … Read more

Bright mystery. The Parsifal. From film to book


Book “Bright mystery. The Parsifal” The Luminous Mystery. The Parsifal by Marco Filibertis the title of the book, edited by Anton Giulio Onofri (De Luca Editori d’Arte, 2022), which tells the genesis of the film Parsifalcinematographic transposition of Wagner’s work, written and directed by Marco Filiberti in 2021. The volume, which makes use of critical … Read more