Raisi speaks to the UN while the Iranians in the US ask for a trial

The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to fight “injustices in all its forms: against humanity, against spirituality, against Almighty God and against the peoples of the world. Wherever they occur “. These are the words spoken today by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the United Nations General Assembly. A leader for whom, the Iranian Islamic … Read more

Raisi: “Development devoid of spirituality and ethics, will lead to the degeneration of society”

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisigave a speech on Monday afternoon at the “Transforming Education Summit” held in New York with the cooperation of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco). Head of the Iranian delegation, Seyyed Raisi left for New York on Monday morning to attend … Read more