The Mallorcan priest and poet Miquel Costa Llobera, and the Marianist López de Uralde, towards the altars

Miquel Costa Llobera Y Vincent Lopez de Uralde They are two priests who left their mark in Spain; the first, in the world of culture and poetry in Catalan. Gardens and schools bear his name in Catalonia and Mallorca, and his poetic work continues to be highly valued. The second, with his educational work and … Read more

“I love being surprised by God!” confesses Marcin, recently ordained a priest in Barcelona

This Saturday the legionary of Christ was ordained a priest in Barcelona Marcin Jablonski at a celebration presided over by auxiliary bishop Javier Vilanova in the Pedralbes monastery. This 32-year-old Polish young man had 13 years of training and was ordained a deacon in March of last year in the crypt of the Sanctuary of … Read more

Don Eustachio Montemurro: doctor, municipal councilor, priest

Last January 2nd the centenary of the death of Don Eustachio Montemurro was celebrated. Mindful of this anniversary, we want to remember the event with this biographical card, as part of this weekly column. Eustachio was born in Gravina in Puglia on 1 January 1857 to the notary Giuseppe Montemurro, from Matera, and Giulia Barbarossa. … Read more

Don Gianluca, a modern parish priest: “Marriage for priests? It would help pastoral life”

Don Gianluca Bresciani50 years old, parish priest of the Pastoral Unit of San Pellegrinois an “anti-traditionalist” priest, open to the possibility of marriage within the pastoral context, is committed to trying to make changes and innovations in the religious world to overcome an old legacy. And he also finds the time to devote himself to … Read more

Affective life of the priest

To better understand the affective aspects of priestly life and its integration with the other dimensions of the person, we carried out a qualitative investigation with a survey on challenges, risks, opportunities, what helped and what he missed, in the development of his affective life. 128 priests, deacons and seminarians participated, with 605 open responses … Read more

The Spirituality of the Cyclist: Interview with a “Cycling” Priest

(ZENIT News / Houston, 12.16.2022).- “A Cyclist Spirituality – Spiritual lessons learned from riding a bike”, is the title of the recently published book by Father John Bullock, LC, a text that invites us to find from cycling a motivator for discipline in dealing with Jesus. About the book we have interviewed the author. *** … Read more

Spirituality. Radcliffe: «Silence and dialogue are the secrets of being a priest»

Timothy Radcliffe – Carlo Brivio We publish here an excerpt from the speech by Timothy Radcliffe, theologian and biblical scholar, contained in the volume signed by Pope Francis According to God’s style. Reflections on the spirituality of the priest (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 72 pages, 5.50 euros), which presents the pontiff’s speech at the recent international … Read more

Don Matteo 13, Bova “I am a modern priest with a past” / VIDEO

“For me it was important to face a new character. Spirituality has always been something that fascinated me, and I have often searched for it, since I interpreted St. Francis. But that of the parish priest is a figure that I wanted to deepen: they are people at which ones to rely on, today we … Read more

The Pope receives again James Martin, activist priest of the LGBT community

by redaccioninfovaticana | 11 November, 2022 American Jesuit priest James Martinhas once again been received by Pope Francis. This controversial priest, whose social networks are full of pro-LGBT content, is a consultant at the Holy See’s Department of Communication. Throughout the week, he has been counting from his twitter account his stay in Rome, which … Read more