The beginning of Don Gaetano Coviello’s ministry as parish rector in the Pontifical Basilica of Santi Medici

In the Basilica of Santi Medici on Sunday 15 January at 18:30 mons. Giuseppe Satriano archbishop of Bari-Bitonto will preside over the Eucharistic liturgy at the entrance of the new ministry of parish-rector of don Gaetano Coviello (he is the fifth parish-rector in the history of the Basilica), while the former parish-rector Msgr. Vito Piccinonna … Read more

“It was in the air that the meeting with Kirill would be skipped.” Speaks Don Stefano Caprio, professor at the Pontifical Oriental Institute

That pstriarcs Kirill avoided the meeting with the Pope in Kazakhstan “was in the air, also because a meeting had never been scheduled or officially communicated the participation of Patriarch Kirill”. This was stated by Don Stefano Caprio, a speaker of Russian spirituality at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome and a visiting professor at … Read more

The training offer of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum aspires to excellence

Experience, faith and professionalism: these are the offers that characterize the Pontifical Athenaeum “Regina Apostolorum” By Don Mauro Gagliardi, Professor at the Faculty of Theology The formation offer of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum is presented in the Web institutional ( with these words: «All the academic activity of the Athenaeum is oriented to the … Read more