Venice 79: Chiara, saint and rebel. The movie review

Director Susanna Nicchiarelli is back in competition on the Lido with a non-traditional biopic centered on the founder of the order of abbesses who collaborated with Francesco D’Assisi Il Francesco by Liliana Cavani with Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter and the musical like Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar. The musical humanism of the Anonima … Read more

Five reasons for devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexicans

MEXICO CITY – For centuries, when December arrives, there has been a feeling that unites Mexicans in the country and abroad, which includes those who profess different faiths or even those who recognize themselves as non-believers: love for the Virgin of Guadalupe . Known as the “Patroness of America”, the faith inspired by the “Morenita … Read more

Savior of Cappadocia the saint from Abruzzo who died for the Armenian people

The martyrdom of Father Salvatore LilliPhoto: By Alberto Carosa CAPPADOCIA , December 05, 2022 / 6:00 PM (ACI Press).- Cappadocia it is not only the name of a region located in the heart of the Anatolian peninsula, straddling Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, but it is also an Abruzzo village not too far from the … Read more

In Paris, the Maison Saint


@Cyrille Lallement In the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the architects Marie-Odile Foucras, h2o architectes and Bruno Moal completed the Maison Saint-Charles in 2021 for Habitat et Humanisme, Seqens Solidarités and Vinci Immobilier. A beautiful operation symbol of a social and intergenerational mix in a place steeped in history. Communicated. In the heart … Read more

Saint Pedro Poveda and the Holy Face of Jaén (1)

San Pedro Poveda Castroverde He was born in Linares (Jaén) in 1874. He was ordained a priest on April 17, 1897. He remained in the diocese of Guadix as professor and spiritual director of the Seminary, vice-secretary of the bishop, secretary of the ecclesiastical government, and president of the Conferences of Saint Vincent de Paul … Read more

International Congress on Saint Francis de Sales


The International Congress on Saint Francis de Salesorganized by the Institute of Spiritual Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) and with the title “Saint Francis de Sales between posterity, spirituality and pedagogy”, concluded in Rome (Italy) on Sunday, November 20. Some 200 participants, coming from four continents, gathered to reflect for three days on … Read more

Saint Omer : critique 12 femmes en colère


Autopsie d’un meurtre Un procès a lieu, une femme y assiste et à l’instar des jurés, la caméra et les spectateurs sont longuement enfermés dans le tribunal de la cour d’assises de Saint-Omer. Avec une structure rigoureusement chronologique, Alice Diop et ses scénaristes Amrita David, Zoé Galeron et Marie N’Diaye embrassent en grande partie la temporalité du procès. Une écriture quasiment … Read more