The Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén rejects the translation of the Bible into Mapuzugun | NoticiasNet

By Claudio Andrade The Mapuzugun translation of the Bible was not well received by the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén, who considered that the initiative could be understood as a new colonial advance towards their culture. The translation project started 3 years ago and was developed by the Remote Translation Office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chile. … Read more

Mapuche nation. Arauco Malleco Coordinator speaks out before the latest arrests

Latin American Summary, September 4, 2022 Through a communication sent to us Werken News The Arauco Malleco Coordinator pronounces itself before the latest facts, regarding the arrest of 4 of its members and blames the government for forming a political persecution against the organization. IN THE FACE OF THE PERMANENT POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND IMPRISONMENT OF … Read more

The ABC of ancestral Mapuche medicine, a knowledge that was forged and transmitted through orality


Lawentun is a Mapudungun word that in Spanish refers to any act of one person towards another that can heal, from a simple conversation to a massage, taking therapy, performing an energy cleansing, delivering herbs for medicinal use, among others. This, which in Western terms can be equated to the word service, is what the … Read more

Cile: “Un governo che dice di essere di sinistra non dovrebbe chiudere gli occhi davanti alla causa mapuche”


In una conversazione con “Interferencia” in un fondo a Coi Coi, nella profonda Araucanía, il portavoce della CAM parla delle possibilità di dialogo con le autorità e del perché il suo gruppo si sente alienato dall’attuale processo costituente. Lo scorso sabato 16 luglio siamo andati a Coi Coi, nella comunità mapuche situata a sud di … Read more

Scientific knowledge and the Mapuche kimün: a dialogue of desirable knowledge


The Mapuche territory in Los Toldos, province of Buenos Aires, presents various challenges in terms of governance and legality: one of them is dealing with the current conflict over the historic Mapuche cemetery, not recognized by the Provincial State, and the irregular administration during the successive local governments since its wiring between 1981-82. This historical … Read more

Mapuche nation. Coordinator of the Mapuche Parliament in Río Negro: Times of Wiñoy Tripantu and Identity Reaffirmation


Latin American Summary, June 24, 2022 The completion of a cycle and its renewal with the return of the Sun or Wiñoy Tripantu find us the members of the Mapuche Tehuelche people immersed in the struggle for territorial discussion, its recovery and its defense. This cycle that is ending has a journey through the territory … Read more