The nun in love with Jesus who faces Artificial Intelligence: total war on clichés

Mrs Davies is a 8 episode teleseries Peacock (HBO in Spain), starring a nun at war against an Artificial Intelligencea story that mixes science fiction, comedy, drama (dramedia?) and intrigue in a risky but addictive way, and develops correct religious intuitions in an inspiring way, although it skids theologically in some solutions at the end. … Read more

Luis María Griñón de Montfort, esclavo de María: ¿son suyos el Totus Tuus y el «A Jesús por María»?

El 28 de abril se celebra la fiesta de San Luis María Grignion [Griñón] de Montfort (1673-1716), santo francés y uno de los santos más marianos que existen. De su amor a la madre de Cristo creó toda una espiritualidad mariana que ha tenido gran influencia en la Iglesia, pese a no haber sido comprendido … Read more

Who is the Kenyan pastor who caused the death of 70 of his followers by asking them to fast until they met Jesus?

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, accused of inducing his parishioners to death fasts, turned himself in to the police. Kenyan President William Ruto has vowed to crack down on “shady” religious movements. The Pasture Paul Mackenzie Nthenge Fountain: infobae Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is accused of causing the deaths of more than 70 members of the Christian church … Read more

Nancy: Catholics accuse an artist of “making fun of Jesus”, she replies

Through Amandine Mehl Published on 19 Jan 23 at 19:11 Lorraine News See my news Follow this media A demonstration against the exhibition “Sacred Monsters” by the artist Emmanuelle De Rosa will be held in front of the MJC Bazin in Nancy on Friday 20 January. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine News) To Nancythe MJC Bazin currently … Read more

Spirituality. Spadaro and the urgency of “showing Jesus”

Tintoretto, “Last Supper”. The work is on display in Cuneo until March 5 in the exhibition “The colors of faith in Venice” – Cameraphoto Arte Venezia It’s an art of storytelling, it’s an art of looking. The Gospel is also this: a territory of inner experience, in which narration and vision are of equal importance. … Read more

Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life | AgentSIR

On the day of his funeral, we disclose the last public homily of Cardinal George Pell delivered last Saturday 7 January in San Giovanni Rotondo at the Padre Pio spirituality center on the occasion of the XX general conference of the Magnificat Dominum Community, a Catholic charismatic community born in Foggia in 1984, by a … Read more

10 great spiritual contributions of Saint Teresa of Jesus to the Church and the path of holiness

This Friday October 15th the Church celebrates the feast of one of the great saints of the Church and also of Spain. Is about Saint Teresa of Avilareformer of Carmel, mystic and author of great treatises on spirituality. Barely 15 days separate her feast from that of another great religious saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux, … Read more

Last homily of card. Pelt. Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life

We believers know well the blessings we have received in Jesus Christ, we know that “The people who lived in darkness saw a great light and that for those who lived in regions of shadow of death, a light has arisen” Isaiah 9.1. We know Jesus’ call, through the Baptist, to conversion: “Repent because the … Read more

Don Patriciello: dear consecrated persons, the treasure to give is not us, it is Jesus

The treasure we have to give to the world is not us, our speeches, our pastoral tricks. The only, true, immeasurable treasure is him: Jesus. In the garden of the Church, everyone has the right to their own personality, to their own spirituality, to their own charisms, lived, however, always and only in communion with … Read more

Thérèse of the Child Jesus, 150 years of love

It has been 150 years since she was born who would become Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face. Quebec poet and writer Jacques Gauthier, author of “Thérèse Martin, a fabulous destiny” (Part One, 2022), is delighted with the public tributes surrounding the event, but recalls that it was Jesus alone … Read more