What are the eight films selected for the Croire au Cinéma award? | RCF

Cinema, a “window on the world” “We need to go to the cinema, and the cinemas need us”. For Pierre-Olivier Boiton, journalist at La Croix L’hebdo and member of the prize selection committee, nothing can replace cinemas, “those places of contemplation that can elevate us”. Anne-Claire de Gaujac, president of the film club CIN’AZUR Nice … Read more

Literary religions (II). Literature and cinema after/during secularization: 1989

The Italian literary and cinematographic works of the last twenty or thirty years, very frequently, cannot be interpreted by resorting only to the vocabulary of materialism. In fact, they are populated by rebirths and initiations, faiths, spiritualities and mystics from the most diverse backgrounds to which they end up being assigned leading roles. Often, that … Read more

From M3GAN to Chucky: the history of horror dolls in cinema

M3GAN is the most recent release in horror cinema. The sinister android is also the contemporary take on one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or downright dangerous, have been some of the scariest cinematic stories. But, in particular, they carry great weight in the way seemingly naive objects are analyzed from … Read more

“Avatar”, “In viaggo”, “My heroine”… The cinema releases of December 14

♦Avatar. The way of the water * by James Cameron American film, 3:12 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar, the sequel to James Cameron’s spectacular science fiction film, is being released in cinemas, eagerly awaited by its millions of fans and cinema operators. A phenomenon that combines steamroller marketing, state-of-the-art special effects, family praise and … Read more

Splendid, flamboyant, cynical… The cinema releases of November 2

♦ The Oath of Pamfir *** by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk Ukrainian film, 2 h 02 In this village located in a region on the borders of Ukraine and Romania, Pamfir finds his wife Olena and his son Naza, while the Malanka, a traditional carnival, is being prepared. A reunion quickly overshadowed by an arson attack in … Read more

23 films qui pourraient faire l’année cinéma 2023

2023 s’annonce comme une année de belles promesses et de grands risques sur le plan cinématographique, en particulier du côté d’Hollywood. Des réalisateurs en quête d’un nouveau succès, de grandes productions que l’on voudrait voir réussir, mais qui pourrait tout aussi bien décevoir, et des suites et des films de super-héros, encore et toujours. Évidemment, … Read more

The cinema releases of the month of February 2023 in theaters in the United States: all the new films in the USA

Here are the movies hitting theaters in the United States in February 2023. You can find all our latest articles on cinema / TV in the United States by clicking here. February 4: This story follows Maurice, a goofy street-savvy cat who has found the perfect money-making scam. He finds a silly-looking child who plays … Read more

Will Smith returns to the cinema with Emancipation: «Slave his body frees his mind»

«emancipation» marks the return of Will Smith in front of the general public. Almost like an official apology, the film directed by the director who brought Denzel Washington to an Oscar with «Training day», Antoine Fuqua, is based on the true story of a slave who tries to escape from a 19th century Louisiana plantation … Read more

Culture, cinéma et évènement : 2023 s’annonce prometteuse 

Le secteur de l’évènementiel et de la culture, bouillonne de projets pour 2023 qui promet de belles surprises. Salon thématique, émission de télé-réalité, concerts, spectacles, tournage de films figurent au programme. Évènements – Events Plus : davantage de salons thématiques Deux éditions du Salon du Déstockage sont prévues cette année. Events Plus va proposer aux Mauriciens plus de … Read more

On music, noise and silence in the cinema of Robert Bresson

On music, noise and silence in the cinema of Robert Bresson-The secrets of a great director. How does the believing filmmaker approach the seventh art? Here you can listen to the conversation we had with Marcos Azzam Gómez… go download Readers and friends of Cinema and Freedom! The editorial amarante tells us about his The … Read more