Nine Days in Review: A Valuable Lesson in Life Through Death

In several of the early sequences of nine daysavailable on Apple TV+, the camera pans across what appears to be an endless desert. In the center is an old log cabin. There is nothing else to indicate a human presence or the possibility of such a presence. Little by little, history will show that this … Read more

What happens during the 11 days after Friday the 13th? Harness the energy

The Friday the 13th It is one of the dates with the greatest superstition in the world due to its supposed negative implications, however, some affirm that, on the contrary, opens energy portals that can last up to 11 days after. Find out how to harness that energy. Bad luck, accidents or risk of death, … Read more

The 41st edition of the Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family ends

“We need the gaze of the laity”, recalled the Rector Major in the video, to sanctify the world from within; and then he cited many examples of lay holiness: Attilio Giordani, Dorotea Chopiteathe martyrs of Poznań, Mama Margarita and obviously Artemides Zatti, a Salesian canonized last year precisely for his lay commitment to those who … Read more

Italy – Salesian Family Spirituality Days continue in Valdocco

(ANS – Turin) – In the Turin-Valdocco setting, the Salesian Family Spirituality Days continue at full speed. Yesterday evening, after the moment of discussion and debate with the speakers of the round table, the second day came to an end with the “Goodnight” and with a moment of prayer and song to Mother Mazzarello, performed … Read more

The “Campaniliana” returns with three days of full immersion in the world of Achille Campanile

The “Campaniliana”, a national theater and literature review, returns to Velletri with a renewed format for the sixth edition. Also this time the organization is at the expense of City of Velletri Art & Culture Participatory Foundationdirected by James Zito, with the patronage of the Municipality of Velletri and the collaboration of the Achille Campanile … Read more

The Pauline greatness of Benedict XVI is in the Christianity of Tradition beyond the mediocrity of our days

– Advertisements – AgentPress. A Church at the center of the controversy is today there for all to see. With the death of the Pope emeritus Benedict, deep diasporas open up between culture and faith, theology and philosophy, believers and the awareness of the believer. Beyond popular anthropology are the writings and thought of Benedict … Read more

Autumn Fai Days in Bivongi for an itinerary between water, industrial archeology and spirituality

Punctual, exciting, never out of date “Autumn Fai Days” and cross the finish line of their eleventh edition. Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2022 the great national event in the square will make a comeback from North to South Italy, crowning the tireless work of the FAI Youth Groups and, at the same time, … Read more

The actors Karra Elejalde or David Verdaguer, among the cast that is filming the film ‘Kings against Santa’ these days in Toledo

The regional capital thus adds the recording of a new blockbuster that hopes to become the children’s comedy of Christmas 2022 04/05/2022 Toledodiary Filming of the film ‘Reyes contra Santa’ in Toledo / Photography: A. Pérez Herrera // JCCM Toledo is the scene during these days of a new filming. This is the film ‘Reyes … Read more

Enrique Benavent: “The keys to understanding Benedict XVI lie in the days of his election and his resignation”

The Archbishop of Valencia, Enrique Benaventhas highlighted that what best identifies the Pope emeritus Benedict XVI “It is his pontificate framed in two of his declarations: the one he made on the day of his election at the seat of Peterpresenting himself to the world as “a humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord”, … Read more