“Avatar”, “In viaggo”, “My heroine”… The cinema releases of December 14

♦Avatar. The way of the water * by James Cameron American film, 3:12 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar, the sequel to James Cameron’s spectacular science fiction film, is being released in cinemas, eagerly awaited by its millions of fans and cinema operators. A phenomenon that combines steamroller marketing, state-of-the-art special effects, family praise and … Read more

Maria Sofia, a (forgotten) heroine: Sissi’s sister, she was the last queen of the Two Sicilies

Younger sister of the empress, with her courage she bewitched d’Annunzio and Proust. And she too was the victim of one of the first photomontages in history “Tall, slender, with beautiful dark blue eyes and magnificent brown hair; Maria Sofia had a noble bearing and at the same time very graceful manners”, wrote Amedeo Tosti … Read more