‘Avatar: the sense of water’, a new exploration of Pandora

Avatar: The Water Senseby James Cameron is now available on Disney+. Much of the film’s plot, which includes a more detailed exploration of Pandora than the original, takes place on the reef of the Metkayina clan, on the eastern coast of the territory. A plot twist that allows a new vision of the planet, its … Read more

Avatar – La via dell’acqua | Il ritorno di James Cameron si tinge di magia

ROMA – «I sequel sono sempre complicati: devi saper sorprendere e al contempo anticipare le aspettative del pubblico. Allo stesso modo devi massaggiare i loro piedi con cose familiari, confortevoli, cose che conoscono e amano del primo film. Ho già percorso quella strada in passato». A dirlo? James Cameron che, in quanto a sequel, l’ha … Read more

“Avatar 2”, “Le Petit Nicolas”, “Blonde”… The 6 film events of the fall

♦ Titanic: “Avatar. The Way of the Water, by James Cameron In theaters December 14 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar in theaters (14 million viewers in France), the long-awaited sequel to this spectacular science-fiction film, coupled with an exotic eco-humanist fable, will be released on December 14. Initially planned for 2014, Avatar. The way … Read more

How ‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ Tells Na’vi Stories Through Its Costumes

Costume designer Deborah L. Scott loves telling stories with clothes. “It helps the storytelling of the film,” Scott says of her artistry, which is evident in the meticulous detail behind the Na’vi costumes she created for James Cameron. Avatar: The Way of the Water. An Oscar for the director Titanic and recipient of this season’s … Read more

Avatar 2: These are the indigenous cultures that inspired the blue skin and language of the Na’vi

There is no doubt that Avatar 2: The Way of Water (El Camino del Agua) is one of the movies of the moment, and after the premiere of the sequel after 13 years, fans are already beginning to wonder everything about the cinematographic world created by James Cameron, as is blue skin and other curiosities … Read more

Avatar the Way of the Water: What Are the Actors Like?

Since its theatrical release, Avatar the Way of the Water hits the cinema. The story of a people’s fight to save their planet, and above all, the magnificent computer-generated images (CGI) to create landscapes and extraterrestrial creatures, fascinate us to the point that the film breaks all records. The CGI also allows very human actors … Read more

“Avatar”, “In viaggo”, “My heroine”… The cinema releases of December 14

♦Avatar. The way of the water * by James Cameron American film, 3:12 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar, the sequel to James Cameron’s spectacular science fiction film, is being released in cinemas, eagerly awaited by its millions of fans and cinema operators. A phenomenon that combines steamroller marketing, state-of-the-art special effects, family praise and … Read more

Avatar: All the elements that made James Cameron’s film into history

Avatar: The Water Way, the movie we’ve been waiting for thirteen years, is finally upon us: on December 14 it will be released worldwide. Years ago, still hot, a few hours after seeing Avatar, we all said it would change the history of cinema, and it really was. Avatar: The Way of Water, the film … Read more

“Avatar 2”: invented language, ecology, religion… Five astonishing facts about the saga of James Cameron

Thirteen years after a first part which had generated nearly 3 billion euros in revenue, Avatar returns to theaters on Wednesday, December 14 with a second episode, The Way of the Water. This monumental saga, thought about since 2014, is inspired by several ancient religions and has resulted in the creation of a new language: … Read more

Avatar 2: the first opinions have fallen, what is the long

13 years after the first part, Avatar 2 is finally about to be released in cinemas. As usual, the first reviews were revealed ahead of this highly anticipated launch. Has the blockbuster been validated by the specialized press? Anthology. Avatar 2 is already getting praise © Disney Avatar 2 had already had the right to … Read more