Interview with Muriel Parra, Chilean costume designer with a long history and part of “Sayen”

A few weeks ago we were invited to witness the press function of sayen, the first film in a Chilean trilogy produced by Fábula, by the Larraín brothers that can be seen on Prime Video. The story follows the first Mapuche action heroine, played by rallen montenegroin a story full of intrigue, action and other … Read more

From M3GAN to Chucky: the history of horror dolls in cinema

M3GAN is the most recent release in horror cinema. The sinister android is also the contemporary take on one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or downright dangerous, have been some of the scariest cinematic stories. But, in particular, they carry great weight in the way seemingly naive objects are analyzed from … Read more

Avatar: All the elements that made James Cameron’s film into history

Avatar: The Water Way, the movie we’ve been waiting for thirteen years, is finally upon us: on December 14 it will be released worldwide. Years ago, still hot, a few hours after seeing Avatar, we all said it would change the history of cinema, and it really was. Avatar: The Way of Water, the film … Read more

Viviana Canosa attacked Alberto Fernández: “He is the worst president in history, he strives every day to be worse”

There is no doubt that in recent years one of the drivers who has given the most talk has been Viviana Canosa, either for his explosive reports or for his opinions regarding Argentine politics. His abrupt departure from A24 He also placed her at the center of the media debate and after several months managed … Read more

Esotericism: present and ancestral history of humanity

Esotericism has a long and complex history that goes back to ancient civilizations. Many of the practices and beliefs that are considered part of esotericism today have their roots in ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions from around the world. One of the earliest forms of esotericism was Gnosticism, a philosophical and spiritual movement that arose … Read more

A history of family business spanning over a century: who are the masters of wood, the excellence of Made in Italy

Article taken from the December 2022 issue of Forbes Italia. Subscribe! An entrepreneurial reality capable of representing a beacon in the resolution of the great challenges of the contemporary world. This is the feeling you get when conversing with Andrea Margaritellibrand manager and fourth generation of the founding family of Listone Giordano, excellence of Made … Read more

“The Exorcism of God” becomes the highest grossing Venezuelan film in history

After surpassing the mark of 2 million viewers in cinemas in Latin America, the United States, Russia and Singapore, and being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on digital platforms, “El Exorcismo de Dios”, by director Alejandro Hidalgo, is positioned as the highest grossing Venezuelan film in history. It is the first time that … Read more

They analyze spiritism, theosophy and spiritualism, from religion, arts and history

*** In a virtual colloquium, framed in the 50th anniversary of the Directorate of Ethnology and Social Anthropology, specialists address the issues *** The general director of the INAH, Diego Prieto Hernández, highlighted the influence of these currents in the liberal and revolutionary thought of Mexico Bulletin 634 Until December 15, in the virtual colloquium … Read more

From history to myth, Mileto rediscovers the pride of its Norman origins

Miletus greets 2022 an extraordinary year crowned by the launch of the format “The gala of Roger”, an event of Norman history, culture, food and wine, art and myth that brought the pride of its origins back to Miletus. Experts, artists, historians and musicians have returned an extraordinary image of this ancient place which has … Read more