The second season of ‘Buscando a Dios’ will premiere on History 2

The channel created by the demand of viewers who wanted to know much more about topics related to history, History 2, shared that in the programming of the biggest week (Easter), the most watched series returns: looking for godOn this occasion, the second season will be screened. Within the framework of the week in which … Read more

Christmas table: the history, the rites and everything you need to know to assemble and decorate it

Setting the table is a tradition. In the Middle Ages, setting the table meant exactly that. In the castles there was no dining room, and the owners of the house had the custom of eating in the kitchen. When they received guests, planks that served as tables were placed in the place that the king … Read more

“Indian homes”, the dark history of Catholic boarding schools in Guyana

On French territory, in Guyana to be precise, in the first half of the 20th century, indigenous children were taken from their families and brought up by missionaries in Catholic boarding schools, the “homes”. “The specificity of Guyanese homes is that they were intended for well-identified populations: the Amerindians. The maroon populations were also targeted … Read more

The Aragonese books of Domingo Buesa: The history of our Holy Week

The theme of the Holy Week and the processional world today have an exceptional interest for a society that needs to have referents of its identity. The peoples throughout the centuries have built their processional discourse based on two key ideas: the closeness of Christ going to Calvary through our streets and, secondly, the fact … Read more

4000 years of Jerusalem history in comics!

After several volumes on the history of food as well as a synthesis on the history of Christianity, Les Arènes is enriching its catalog of historical documentary comics with the history of a city-world, the holy city of the three great monotheisms. , the scene of a turbulent history. In the scenario, a confirmed historian … Read more

Where history does not reach: ancient music to evoke emotions from centuries ago


In the year 1072 one of the historical events took place most relevant to the city of Zamora. At least, that is what the oral tradition has been in charge of perpetuating to this day through an epic poem that narrates with crudeness and minstrelsy language how the people of Zamora resisted their famous Siege, … Read more

“The Polyglot Printing House of Propaganda Fide”: History and Personalities


For the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of Propaganda Fide (1622), the Vatican agency Fides publishes a text that retraces the history of “the polyglot printing press of Propaganda Fide”, one of the first “operational instruments” which had enabled the congregation to announce Good News to the world. The decision to create … Read more



Advertisements THE THREAD OF HISTORY – V appointment Christmas in the past centuries Advertisements Sunday 27 November 2022 Sunday 27 November Villa Arconati lights up with the magical atmosphere of Advent, to make the atmosphere waiting for Christmas unique and special: lights (strictly led to take care of our planet), handcrafted decorations, Christmas trees, activities … Read more

Convent of San Francisco de la Alameda: Witness to the history of Santiago de Chile


On October 23, the Jubilee Year and plenary indulgence began for all those who visit this oasis in the heart of the Chilean capital, whose first foundations are over 400 years old. In the heart of the Alameda, in front of the emblematic “Huelén” or “Santa Lucía” hill, the “Convento de San Francisco” remains stoic, … Read more

Lili Reinhart, when her mother found a word h0t in her pc history (VIDEO)


Wallis Day dedication for Lili Reinhart Lili Reinhart And Wallis Day: Fans continue to believe that there is more to the two than just friendship. For months now, the two actresses have been at the center of a gossip born mainly among some members of the fandom of Riverdale. Just post a photo in the … Read more