Renato Carpi presents ALGEBAR for a permanent center on the dialogue between religions and spirituality

Genoa – Wednesday 30 November 2022, at 5.30 pm, at the Church of Saints Cosma and Damianomagazine presentation ALGEBAR for a permanent center on the dialogue between religions and spirituality edited by Renato Carpi, Il Canneto Publisher. Carpi talks with Luciano Rosasco. Free admission; for info tel. at San Paolo Bookshop on 010 2469292. Genoa … Read more

Lectoure Days “Spirituality, religions, secularism and living together”: conferences

Editions Lazare et Capucine and the 122 association are organizing the Lectoure 2022 days on November 19 and 20. On the program: a round table, conferences, a book fair, an artists’ exhibition, a play and a choral singing concert. the fair is open to artists, authors and publishers who have published in the field of … Read more

Religions: six books for an original approach

“The Exception and the Rule. The practices of entering and leaving convents, from the end of the Middle Ages to the XIXe century”, directed by Albrecht Burkardt and Alexandra Roger, PUR, 346 p., 30 € Under the direction of Albrecht Burkardt and Alexandra Roger, some twenty historians and specialists in religion offer an overview that … Read more

The forum that put all the religions on the planet to speak and laid the foundations of the yoga that you practice


On May 1, 1893, the World Columbian Exposition in Chicagoa world fair that, over the next six months (until October 30) would bring together all kinds of events in the US capital, predominantly those dealing with new inventions, prototypes and products that were intended to be launched on the market, as well as attractions, shows … Read more

Treasures to share: A look at the lights and shadows of religions

Why is a part of the new generations tends to stay away from religion organized and sometimes seek spiritual experiences through other paths? This is the question answered on this occasion by the priest Raúl Humberto Lugo Rodríguezrector of the church of La Candelaria and responsible for the dimension of Faith and Social Commitment of … Read more

For Emmanuel Macron, religions have a “duty of resistance”

“I come in front of you worried”consented Emmanuel Macron at the opening of the annual gathering of the community of Sant’Egidio, in Rome, on Sunday 23 October. Faced with the words “belligerent”to ” resentment “ peoples and “leaves of war” in Europe, the President of the Republic spoke at length on the role of religions … Read more

The Pope’s Decalogue for religions to stop the Third World War


Kazakhstan. Congress of Religious Leaders. The Pope spoke of an “authentic religiosity” that does not use the name of God to promote total war “Let’s never justify violence. Let us not allow the sacred to be instrumentalized by what is profane. Let the sacred not be support of the power and power does not rest … Read more

If religions and sects also do politics and business


What relationship do the Japanese have with religion? According to official statistics, a bit confused, superficial and… instrumental. Against a population of about 120 million people, 82 million claim to be Shinto (the indigenous animist religion), 50 million Buddhists, about a million Christians and 4 million followers of “other” religions. The numbers don’t add up. … Read more