The conscious body of Olivier Vuagniaux: a psychological and spiritual revolution through the body

“The Conscious Body” is a manifesto in two volumes, written by Olivier Vuagniaux, which is the result of thirty years of experience in psychotherapeutic support. He offers an approach in which the body and its consciousness are at the heart of the therapeutic process. This makes it possible to apprehend suffering from a whole new … Read more

Now and rest | Go on vacation to the convents to rest your body and spirit

There are names that, just by pronouncing them, are capable of evoking images of serene beauty, and of recalling moments, places, sensations that are linked to paths of search for one’s self. To the need to get away from the stress of the daily routine, to get back in shape mentally and physically. The relived … Read more

Compassionate approach, listening to breath, body and spirit

«The veil of oblivion, of the sleep of the soul, is what temporarily separates every man or woman on the way towards their own self-realization», thus opens her chapter Alessandra Chiarini, co-author of the book “Psychosophy. A bridge between psychology and spirituality” which proposes a renewed vision in the knowledge of human beings by integrating … Read more

Will Smith returns to the cinema with Emancipation: «Slave his body frees his mind»

«emancipation» marks the return of Will Smith in front of the general public. Almost like an official apology, the film directed by the director who brought Denzel Washington to an Oscar with «Training day», Antoine Fuqua, is based on the true story of a slave who tries to escape from a 19th century Louisiana plantation … Read more

The ‘aware’ body in movement in the new book by Stefano Spaccapanico Proietti

“Movement and awareness. Mindfulness and Mindful Movement practices in health promotion” (Armando Editore) is the title of the new book by Stefano Spaccapanico Proietti, professor at the Universities of Perugia and Pisa, as well as founder and scientific director of the “Biological Movement” project. An essay, technical and informative at the same time, as well … Read more

Japan. Body Perform Live, resistance and resilience in contemporary Japanese art

Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates Thanks to its curator Diego Sileo, the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan is conducting a careful and worthy exploration of contemporary artistic experiences from all continents. The Milanese public museum has in fact distinguished itself in recent years in restoring an extremely varied and sensitive art scene to listening to … Read more

Is the body an obstacle to the spiritual life?

Should we control our passions? How should we see our body? Father Dominique Salin, a Jesuit and professor at the Center Sèvres, answers Sophie de Villeneuve’s questions. We remember the temptations of San Antonio, against which he fought hard. And how many saints, and not the least, have submitted to mortifications to control their bodies. … Read more