In the United States, some podcasts appeal more to the black community

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s a fact, podcasts are a hit. But some communities are more sensitive to certain topics. This is particularly the case of the American black community, more inclined to listen to podcasts on pop culture, relationships and humor. According to the study of Pew Research*, 46% of Afro-Americans have declared listening … Read more

‘For the Catholic martyrs’, the mass of Pepe Di Paola that united the CGT and UTEP

Before a new anniversary of the last coup d’état against a democratic government, the priest and leader of the Argentine church José “Pepe” Di Paola called this Thursday to cry out “never again, Lord, never again!“. Where the asphalt of Calle 57 ends, one of the entrances to Villa La Cárcova, in the town of … Read more

The cinema releases of the month of February 2023 in theaters in the United States: all the new films in the USA

Here are the movies hitting theaters in the United States in February 2023. You can find all our latest articles on cinema / TV in the United States by clicking here. February 4: This story follows Maurice, a goofy street-savvy cat who has found the perfect money-making scam. He finds a silly-looking child who plays … Read more

Ratzinger, Card.Gambetti: United Benedictine life and Franciscan spirituality

faith The Pope of Dialogue “A Pope whom the whole world has known as a simple and humble worker in the Lord’s vineyard, who has carried the deposit of faith towards the ever new horizon of the life of the Church, who has amazed us with the gesture of extraordinary strength of … Read more

peace and spirituality, religious communities united in common

3′ of reading 12/20/2022 – Christmas at the gates celebrates peace and brings together the representatives of the religious communities present in the city. As every year, the usual meeting between the religious confessions took place in the Municipality, in the presence of the mayor, the councilors and the municipal councilors. Bishop Gerardo Rocconi of … Read more

Transcendence and immanence united. Attempt to describe the indescribable

Advertisements “…difficult to explain what deep ecology and secular spirituality are… but they can be lived as an experience” (Saul Arpino) Advertisements PHOTO Window of life Transcendence and immanence united. Attempt to describe the indescribable The ability, albeit limited, of the intellect to describe reality, perceptible and thought, in a consequential and logical way, is … Read more

From the Valley of the Fallen to Elche: choir schools united by music

The Basilica of Santa Maria has hosted this Saturday a concert set offered by the Choir of the Valley of the Fallen and the Escolania del Misteri. The appointment was already announced a few days ago when the controversy after the Board of Trustees omitted from its social networks the name by which the youth … Read more

American funeral banquets: why do they have a party after funerals in the United States?

So many times we have seen in movies and TV series banquets after the funeral. A kind of party with a lot food and the relatives of the deceased intent on serving and preparing food for the “guests”. Actually in the United States the funeral directors even offer the catering among the services made available … Read more

Virginie and the united hearts: “The craze for this kind of fraud testifies to an anguish”

For the first time in many years, I returned to Lourdes. The simple fervor of the pilgrims, the joyful fraternity of the exchanges, the figure of Bernadette, so humble, so discreet, and above all the charity which continues to enliven the surroundings of the cave, with this extraordinary attention to the poverty of each one, … Read more