What to do today (Sunday 27 November) in the province of Cuneo: events

Dear readers and friends of Cuneo24we propose below some suggestions on how to spend this Sunday 27 November 2022 choosing among many events that the province of Cuneo proposes. In Cuneo, in the Monumental Complex of San Francesco, at 3.30 pm guided tours of the exhibition “The colors of faith in Venice: Titian, Tintoretto and … Read more

The master’s voice at the cinema: November 28

Ideally accompanying the spectators on this journey into the sound world (but not only) of the great author is Stefano Senardi, one of the best known Italian record producers, author of the film together with the director, as well as a friend of Franco Battiato. The film begins with Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola, the historic sound … Read more

Sunday 27 November in Corato Claudia Fabris in “Spirituality exercises for being human”


Sunday 27 November at 16 in Piazza Abbazia in Corato the second of the three appointments with the “Hospitality exercises for human beings” curated by the poet and performer Claudia Fabris as part of “Verso Sud – ecosystem of culture” the multidisciplinary festival curated by APS Lavorare tired. “Exercises in Hospitality for human beings” is … Read more

Branko weekly horoscope from 21 to 28 November 2022: have you read today’s detailed forecasts


ARIES Today offers you a great opportunity to communicate with maturity and firmness. There is great wisdom in being exactly who you are, and your example can be helpful to many. Consideration of the limits that must be established in group and friendship relationships, but in a harmonious way. Make your point of view clear … Read more

Paolo Fox weekly horoscope from 21 to 28 November 2022: incredible forecasts for the day


ARIES This is a very strong period that expands your connection with the spiritual side of life. Your faith will be intense and your perception of the subtle sharpened. Psychological and subconscious issues tend to express themselves more intensely, but in a sense of healing, liberation and transcendence. Your faith tends to be renewed during … Read more

New Moon of November 23, 2022: these 3 signs will be impacted


Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with … Read more

November 30 Extraordinary Concert at the Basilica of San Marco


Advertisements On November 30 Extraordinary Concert at the Basilica of San Marco Advertisements San Marco, the spirituality of Vivaldi celebrated by the Vivaldi Festival After the great success of the second edition held from 21 June to 28 July last, the Vivaldi Festival, the prestigious event created last year in Venice by the Italian director … Read more

Siena. From November 24th to 27th the XVth edition of the Festival della Salute


Amiatanews: Florence 19/11/2022Giani and Bezzini: “An important event also to bring the world of health and citizens into contact” Let’s pick up from Tuscany NewsInformation Agency of the Regional Council – Article dated 11/19/2022 by Walter Fortini Four days of meetings and insights dedicated to medicine, with initiatives also dedicated to schools. From 24 to … Read more