Free cinema!, last 3 days of the international exhibition in the Plaza de Gallos in León

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León.- Only 3 days left for film lovers from Leon to attend to enjoy the 73rd International Film Festival which is projected on the Rooster Square from June 16 to 25 and the entrance is free.

In this 73rd edition of the International Film Festival of the National Cinematheque 10 films from various countries have been programmed in which the characters bring the viewer closer to their cultures and address themes where they face personal situations regarding family and identity and even touch on issues such as war and technological advancement.

During the presentation of the 73rd International Film Festival 7 films have already been screened: Two seasonsby Juan Pablo González; The last movie showby Pan Nalin; Love according to Dalvaby Emmanuelle Nicot; an honest citizenby Idan Haguel; Spartaby Ulrich Seidl; Klondikeby Maryna Er Gorbach and A movie about lifeby Dovile Sarutyte.

There are still three projections that complete the film sample and are Vincent Carlos Lettuce; Godlandby Hlynur Pálmason; Veronica’s double lifeby Krzysztof Kieslowski.

The projections are with Free access and take place at 7:00 p.m. in the historic Rooster Squarelocated in the benito juarez street number 318 in the city center of Lion.

Friday the 23rd


It is the story of a woman raised in traditions, spirituality and soul who has to face the contemporary world and the loneliness it brings. The historical documents of Cuba they have referred to the santeras with contempt. They called them “witches” and named them by their first name and the first letter of their last name. Vincent B.. lives in Havana and has a gift for seeing the future of people. Every day she receives women and men who come looking for a solution to their problems. When her only son decides to leave the country, Vicenta, she enters a crisis that does not let her understand why she has been left alone in a place where everyone seems to have lost faith.

Vincent B, 2022

Direction: Carlos Lettuce

Origin: Cuba-France-United States-Colombia-Norway-Romania

Venue: Plaza de Gallos

Time: 19:00

Saturday June 24


At the end of the 19th century, a young Danish priest arrives in a remote region of Iceland, then a colony of Denmark, to build a church and photograph its inhabitants. On his journey through the stunning but dangerous landscape, the idealistic cleric is aided by an Icelandic guide and translator. But the further he penetrates into that unforgiving territory, the more he deviates from his mission and his morals until he comes to an inexorable confrontation with the locals. Godland offers an analysis of the destructive spiritual and psychological aspects of colonialism.

Godlands, 2022

Director: Hlynur Pálmason

Origin: Denmark-Iceland-France-Sweden

Venue: Plaza de Gallos

Time: 19:00

Sunday June 25


Weronika lives in Poland and has a brilliant singing career, but suffers from a serious heart condition. Thousands of kilometers from there, in France, lives Véronique, another young woman identical to her, also a singer and with the same ailment. Although unknown to each other, both women share an enigmatic connection.

Verónica’s double life, 1991

Directed by: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Origin: France-Poland-Norway

Venue: Plaza de Gallos

Time: 19:00


How to get to the Roosters Square of Lionthis historical place is located in the street benito juarez street number 318 in the city center.


Free cinema!, last 3 days of the international exhibition in the Plaza de Gallos in León