From M3GAN to Chucky: the history of horror dolls in cinema

M3GAN is the most recent release in horror cinema. The sinister android is also the contemporary take on one of the genre’s favorite themes. Horror dolls, cursed, possessed or downright dangerous, have been some of the scariest cinematic stories. But, in particular, they carry great weight in the way seemingly naive objects are analyzed from … Read more

Cuando el horror transforma la realidad: Barbarian

Por Juan R. Recondo “I cannot conceive any work of art as having a separate existence from life itself.” —Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double (traducido al inglés por Mary Richards). En Annihilation (Alex Garland, EEUU/Reino Unido, 2018), un grupo de científicos van en una expedición a un espacio donde la realidad se transforma … Read more

Mandy Reinvigorates 1970s Legacy In Psychedelic Horror Movie

mandy (2018) is a difficult film to pin down: part revenge flick and part visual art, it’s a film that has continued to defy attempts at categorization. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it has built a cult following since its release, and started what this author has affectionately called the Cageissance, for the … Read more

Test – The Chant: survival horror and spiritual retreat

New license signed Prime Matter, The Chant is an old-school survival-horror that tries the card of originality by immersing us in a psychedelic universe. Publisher Prime Matter delivered a handful of enticing titles this year, including Dolmen and The Last Oricru. He continues his momentum with The Chant, another new license which this time follows … Read more

Test The Chant: a spiritual survival horror in the heart of Darkness

The test of The Chant game, published by Prime Matter and developed by Brass Token, was carried out on Xbox Series X. By Benjamin Levy – Blogger Published on November 28, 2022 at 11:18 PM. Last modification on December 5, 2022 at 07:26 The estimated time for reading this test is 8 min. 0 comment … Read more

10 horror movies where the real villain is society | Pretty Reel

Horror is one of the most popular film genres, but recent movies such as Barbarian and Nope show that horror-driven plots are, in fact, nothing more than a way to tell a bigger story. bigger and more important. In the case of both of these movies, the horror elements play a vital role in brutally … Read more

The 10 Most Common Demonic Possession Horror Tropes (And The Movies That Subvert Them) | Pretty Reel

Demonic Possession movies haven’t had a good movie in a few years, with My Best Friend’s Exorcism on Amazon being the newest and not getting the most positive reviews. But while there aren’t any great possession movies lately, there are some great movies from years past. There are many popular tropes in these films of … Read more