Will Smith be reborn with Emancipation (after the slap)?

Will Smith, just back in action with the film emancipation, is one of the most controversial actors from the 90s onwards, with incredibly loyal fans of him and the characters he plays, but also with a faction of moviegoers who feel he is overrated. Probably the truth, as almost always, it’s in the middlebut the … Read more

Will Smith returns to the cinema with Emancipation: «Slave his body frees his mind»

«emancipation» marks the return of Will Smith in front of the general public. Almost like an official apology, the film directed by the director who brought Denzel Washington to an Oscar with «Training day», Antoine Fuqua, is based on the true story of a slave who tries to escape from a 19th century Louisiana plantation … Read more

Will Smith: after his slap to Chris Rock, the actor is undergoing therapy

Author of a slap on Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, whose images have gone around the world, Will Smith is in turmoil. So much so that the American actor is currently undergoing therapy to try to restore his image. Will Smith continues to spill ink. More than a month after … Read more

Will Smith embraces spirituality in his new film “Emancipation”

When Will Smith slapped the host of an Oscar award, Chris Rock, on March 27, a great wave of criticism of the violence on stage automatically triggered the idea that his days as a Hollywood star were over. With the premiere of “Emancipation” (2022), the Academy winner for King Richard (2021), returned to present himself, … Read more

The character played by Will Smith in “Emancipation” is Haitian | Loop Haiti

Will Smith’s latest film “Emancipation” is inspired by a true story. Directed by Antoine Fuqua for Apple TV+’s, it is based on the life of Peter, a slave who belonged to Captain John Lyons and who managed to escape. Peter is the name of this slave played by Will Smith in Emancipation. Nicknamed “Whipped Peter” … Read more

“I had a hard time, but I’m grateful”: more than eight months after the Oscar scandal, Will Smith returns in the film “Emancipation”, on Apple TV +

The last image we had of Will Smith was the slap he slapped on Chris Rock at the last Oscars. Today, he brings a famous slave from (sad) American history back to life in a film that is both hard and beautiful, but above all essential. AppleTV+ Published on 09/12 at 09:45 By Jean-Philippe Darquenne … Read more

Will Smith reinvents himself by the hand of a slave after Chris Rock’s slap

Maria Estevez The Angels Updated:12/08/2022 10:51 p.m. Save Related news Slavery, according to the writers, is one of the most difficult subjects to film, especially when you want historical accuracy, because the vast majority of slaves left little or no direct record of what they thought, felt, and believed. If Quentin Tarantino fantasized about this … Read more

Will Smith responds to those who call for a boycott of his new film, after the slap of the Oscars

Eight months after his altercation with Chris Rock on the stage of the Oscars live, Will Smith is preparing to return to the screens with a new film. While the voices are already calling for a boycott of this film, the actor finally answered in an interview. Will Smith stars as Peter in the upcoming … Read more

Patti Smith and the Soundwalk Collective take us inside the minds of famous poets

It was on a Paris-New York flight that American musician Patti Smith met Stephan Crasneanscki. From his conversations with the creator of the experimental sound collective Soundwalk Collective – which he forms with Simone Merli – and from this friendship linked in the air, will be born an exhibition: “Evidence”. Specially designed for the Centre … Read more