The Sistine Chapel of the stained glass windows in León

That mixture of air and color and light and glass and form and figure and content and container. The Arts are usually divided into several classes, according to the sense and perception that has the greatest proportion. The sight, would be the plastic ones, the hearing, the musical ones, the taste, the gastronomic ones, the … Read more

Las muestras del 2023: de Van Gogh y Frida Kahlo a León Ferrari y Edgardo Giménez

Van Gogh será nuevamente una atracción en Buenos Aires. Con una programación tan variada como espacios museísticos y expositivos, públicos y privados, de los distintos puntos cardinales del país, la agenda 2023 para el arte aún sin estar completa permite vislumbrar una oferta cultural que se renueva. Habrá una nueva edición de Bienalsur; una retrospectiva … Read more

Mar del Plata Film Festival: the exciting presentation of “We will be millions” | The displays of affection towards Evo Morales, the intimate club of León Gieco and the party with Bolivian comparsas

From Mar del Plata Every year, the Mar del Plata Film Festival it happens as a celebratory date for cinema in particular and culture in general; enabled for “connoisseurs” -cinephiles, people linked to the industry and production, many and many young people, as can be seen in the long lines and rooms full of functions- … Read more

Do you already know the story of the miraculous ‘Father Syringes’, born in León? we tell you

The story of ‘Father Syringes’ is full of tests of faith, as he has miraculous gifts that could make him the next saint Drafting Lion.- Be in two places at once and heal several terminally illare some of the miracles of ‘Father Syringes’. But what is its story and why does it attract both believers … Read more

«All the stories are indebted to my memory as a child in the mountains of León»

Pablo Andrés Escapa has just published with Páginas de Espuma Herencias de invierno. Christmas Tales, a work illustrated by Lucie Duboeuf that contains ten stories starring the epiphany and the spirit of redemption typical of Christmas. —Tell me how the project of making a work of Christmas stories began —The origin is in a commission … Read more

Glenda León, music with sculptures and drawings in the sky of Madrid

As a trace of the silence in the confinement, we have been left with the echo of “listening” that today stars in the rhetoric of politics, also cultural, as a beginning for dialogue in a shared, more horizontal and democratic forum. But that we often appreciate that it multiplies in abstruse chatter without results. More … Read more

‘La Divina Comedia’ de Dante vista por Dalí y Doré, la exposición del año en León

Hay exposiciones que son una verdadera maravilla. Y todo un lujo poderlas visitar. En este caso el Museo Casa Botines de León acoge una de las más importantes de este año en España. ‘La Divina Comedia en el Arte’ ha sido considerada la tercera mejor del país, y ha sido perjeñada por dos leoneses. Una … Read more