La Mama Negra, a rite that returns after the pandemic

La Mama Negra is the representation of an African character who pays homage to the Virgin of La Merced. Photo: EFE The tradition of the Mama Negra has been commemorated for decades in LatacungaCotopaxi province. On this occasion it was celebrated with merriment, after two years of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This unique … Read more

Cuba: Joel James, El Barbú, returns (+ Photos)

The descendants of Haitians called him “El Barbú”, not only because of his gray and sparse beard, but also because of the boots that always accompanied him on his walk through the steep streets of Santiago de Cuba. Friends from the eastern mountains and the closest collaborators of Casa del Caribe, who discussed his work … Read more

Cuba: Joel James, El Barbú, returns (+Photos)

By Mario Munoz Lozano Head of the Cultural Writing Friends from the eastern mountains and the closest collaborators of Casa del Caribe, who discussed his work at the Joel James In Memoriam International Colloquium, say that both were part of his personality. Those closest to him assure that he did not take them off because … Read more

The “Campaniliana” returns with three days of full immersion in the world of Achille Campanile

The “Campaniliana”, a national theater and literature review, returns to Velletri with a renewed format for the sixth edition. Also this time the organization is at the expense of City of Velletri Art & Culture Participatory Foundationdirected by James Zito, with the patronage of the Municipality of Velletri and the collaboration of the Achille Campanile … Read more

Will Smith returns to the cinema with Emancipation: «Slave his body frees his mind»

«emancipation» marks the return of Will Smith in front of the general public. Almost like an official apology, the film directed by the director who brought Denzel Washington to an Oscar with «Training day», Antoine Fuqua, is based on the true story of a slave who tries to escape from a 19th century Louisiana plantation … Read more

The We Loft Music festival returns to Roubaix in January

We Loft Music is an urban and traveling festival that was created and has been supported by La Cave aux Poètes since 2019. The principle: concerts to discover in unusual (or at least unusual) places in and around Roubaix. Like the Villa Cavrois, the La Piscine museum, the National Archives of the World … Read more

If Frasier returns, are more Cheers spinoffs possible? | Pretty Reel

With a revival of the classic sitcom Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer in the works, it’s possible more spinoffs based on the cast of Cheers could follow. Grammer played the role of psychiatrist Frasier Crane for 20 consecutive years in both series and has reportedly been working on a return to his most famous role for … Read more

The Week of Spirituality and Culture returns to Moio della Civitella

After two years of stagnation due to the pandemic, the Week of Spirituality and Culture come back with “50 Times Thanks”, a special edition to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of priestly ordination of don Angelo Imbriacopastor of skin (fraction of Moio della Civitella) e Cardile (fraction of Gioi). Divided into six evenings, given the exceptional … Read more

‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ is a great war spectacle: James Cameron returns to the epic adventure in a pharaonic blockbuster that is far from the best of the year

‘Avatar: the sense of water’ (Avatar: The Way of Water, 2022) opens on December 16, finally closing a cycle that began 13 years ago with the special effects revolution of the first part. Now, with 3D technology assimilated and almost forgotten by the general public, there was expectation for the new technological bet of James … Read more