Unexpected literature #76. The eight stories about the religious world by Roberto Campagna

The writing of Robert Campagna it has a flavour, a fragrance that smells of villages and hidden alleys. Journalist, sociologist and writer, in his literary career he has dealt with giving a lyrical sense to what can be defined as minor history, the one that reflects the great History, capitalized and solemn, through the experience … Read more

Literary religions (II). Literature and cinema after/during secularization: 1989

The Italian literary and cinematographic works of the last twenty or thirty years, very frequently, cannot be interpreted by resorting only to the vocabulary of materialism. In fact, they are populated by rebirths and initiations, faiths, spiritualities and mystics from the most diverse backgrounds to which they end up being assigned leading roles. Often, that … Read more

Empathy in French Language Arts and Literature (Szeged)

Empathy in French-Language Arts and Literature International meetig organized by the University of Luxembourg and the University of Szeged at the University of Szeged (Hungary), from 24 to 26 November 2023 Although the notion of empathy emerged at the end of the 19th century and its philosophical roots go back to Antiquity, it has never … Read more

Critical writer Clarice Lispector was not considered part of the Latin American literature boom

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.-The writer Lissette Vega de Purcell assured that the Brazilian Clarice Lispector is one of the greatest female writers of the 20th century and criticized that she was not considered part of the boom Latin American literature, together with Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Cortázar. When giving the conference … Read more

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature, 16th

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature (16th-17th Centuries) September 24-27, 2023, Romanistentag Leipzig Before its success linked to the advent of digital technology, the term “virtual” was used for seven centuries in an exclusively philosophical or mechanical context. In its most common sense since scholastic times virtual (“virtualis”, from “virtus”) is … Read more


A few leads for this second Toussaint holiday. And a big crush on the belly of Fabrice Capizzano’s barge. On your pages, get set, read. Head to Tristan da Cunha Island, the main island of the eponymous archipelago located north of the Roaring Forties. From Thionville, located north of Amnéville. The path will be rough. … Read more

MAVI’s auteur rap between neuroscience, literature and Afro

Three years after the promising debut Let The Sun Talk, a mature flow of consciousness of imaginative hip hop heir to the experiments of MF Doom, MAVI finally returns to the fore with a new LP. Laughing So Hard, It Hurts, starting from the title, the path of introspection continues in sixteen snapshots that almost … Read more